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Morefire 10-01-2010 12:38 PM

New to the forum, with 2009 Bluebird coach
Hey guys, Just found this forum, and thought it would be the best place for me to get info.
I ended up buying one of the 2009 Bluebird 40' coach's that was on the assembly line when Coachworks shut down.
It is brand new, but incomplete as you can see in the pictures.
From the factory this coach was going to be a tour/transit bus, but I am turning it into nice Motorhome/RV.
The coach is turn key and drivable right now, but as you can see I need a **** load of parts to get this thing complete.

I am hoping I can piece this thing together with as many OEM type bolt on parts as possible, if not I have to fabricate parts to make them work....... one way or the other, my goal is to have this thing complete, and functional as a really nice Motorhome for myself and the family.

So far I have located the bay doors and engine doors, and those are currently being installled. But I need the entire front bumper, light fixtures, front fenders..etc....

Take a look at the pic's and... all ideas are welcome to help me get this thing complete. Thanks for you input.



markusfmeyer 10-01-2010 12:51 PM

Wow, you got a nice empty footprint there to do what you want! Just make sure you don't overweight it. :) Good luck on the project, are you going to do slides or leave it non-slide?

Morefire 10-01-2010 12:55 PM

I am thinking about the slide... found a nice one about 15' long for $1500.... the problem is having it installed. I am checking around for quotes right now.
The whole Idea for this project is to build something pretty nice on a budget. I have to keep hunting for deals until it's complete.

Also, those overhead compartments are coming out, along with the heaters down low, also taking out that floor and starting over from there. It will have hard wood floors when done.

Esmi 10-01-2010 12:57 PM

You da man. I look forward to watching your project progress. Thank you for finding us!!!

iamflagman 10-01-2010 01:54 PM


Looks like you have a great project ahead of you and I'm sure that the membership will want to see the progress on it as you go along.

Do us and yourself a favor when you post your future questions, be sure to use a separate thread for each topic and that will keep the thread on that topic by itself, try to include pictures when asking about things on your 'Bird and if you are not sure where to post things you can ask me or just post it and I'll try to catch it and put it where it should be.

Then when you want to tell us what kind of progress you are making I would suggest that you use this thread to tell us all about what you have done. I look forward to read about and see the results, we definitely like to see pictures.

Morefire 10-01-2010 02:19 PM

No problem... I have to figure out the swing of things around here.... I think I will be spending a lot of time here so,......;)

Ok, well since buying this coach, here are some deals/parts that I have found, and pulled the trigger on....

Hydraulic Leveling Jacks (would have been OEM on the 09 Wonderlodge)

Onan quiet diesel 7500 gen with 209hrs (repainted it since)

Xantrex SW 4000watt 24volt inverter/charger

2x Dometic Duo Therm Penguin 15,000btu with heat

And here are the "Wonderlodge" Engine doors

It might be a little while before I have more pictures of the progress.

Randy Dupree 10-01-2010 02:41 PM

Hey,great project,keep us advised!

racin41bb 10-01-2010 03:59 PM

Welcome David,

Bus Conversions Magazine is a great source of info. Whether you buy a bus completed or convert a shell the magazine/website is very useful especially in laying out the floorplan, plumbing, electrical, etc. for conversions.

Just about any thing related to Bluebirds can be found here either in the database or from other members.

Ernest Ekberg 10-01-2010 05:14 PM

I could go nuts with flooring in there!!

JD33 10-01-2010 08:13 PM

Hey David, I will be going through Toronto on my way home from Ohio next week with my new hardwood floor by Ernie. I could stop and show you the kind of awesome flooring work that Ernie does if you wish?

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