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Dennis 09-16-2012 03:09 PM

External TV tuner and converting the TVs
As we M380 owners know, BB elected to save money and install a TV monitor in the front instead of a TV; the tuner for same is the VCR tuner. My VCR finally had an electronic melt down and I would like to get an external TV tuner in the interim while I consider how to replace the existing monitor with a TV. The tuner of course is only when I use park cable. Question 1: have any of you done this and if so, what, where and how? Question 2: Have any of you replaced the front monintor with a TV and if so what did you get? Did you have to moidify the cabinet space? How did you mount the TV? Question 3: The picture on the rear TV is often snowy which if I understand it correctly means that the signal is weak or a connector is not good. It use to only be snowy on park cable and fine on Sat. TV., but now it is snowy on both. My guess is it is the connector in the front - leading to the back - how can I identify which of the coax cables connects to the rear tv? I just bought a flat screen to replace the CRT tv in the bedroom, but have yet to install it, but when I connected it without installing it, the new flat screen also was snowy which leads me to believe there is a bad connection somewhere.

Thanks for your help as usual.

badblueheeler 09-16-2012 03:52 PM

you could get a"toner" to sort out which cable goes where or if you are good with a multi meter you can short a resistor between the center conductor of any cable and it's outer sheath (the part that screws on to the tv) and then at the other end of the cable use your multi meter and look for that value of resistor.
Most likely BB used press on "ring and sleeve" fittings which are a poor choice. Also the quality of the splitter will play into how good the picture is.
If you can replace these you will likely get a better picture.
Loose fittings account for 90% of service calls for poor pictures in my industry.

Doc&Linda 09-16-2012 07:07 PM

M380 TV upgrade
Hi Dennis, Last year we upgraded both the front and bedroom TVs.
Front TV: We used a Panasonic TC-L37U3 37" TV. Mounted it with plywood and screws. 1" clearance on both sides of the TV, so it fit the hole pretty well. Did have to modify the bottom 'snap' panel a little bit.
Sorry:confused: can't post pictures. Any chance you will be at Quartzite this winter? Hope to be in California this winter. Then could show it to you.
Got rid of the VCR, SIMA and put in a Blue Ray DVD, Panasonic.
Rear TV: Also replaced with Vizio E260MV 26" TV. Built a door out of 3/4" cabinet grade plywood. Cut a hole in the middle of the plywood and installed a wall bracket that swivels and tilts. Used a piano hinge to hinge that door. My cabinet has the black plexiglass doors, so I covered the exposed lower portion of the plywood so it would match the rest of the cabinet. Best part was extra storage behind the new TV.
Will try to find a teenager to show me how to post pics. Can use the phone.:p
Can't help you with your coaxial problem....

Dennis 09-16-2012 11:09 PM

Thanks guys...as always this information is helpful. Jaime I will see if I can find a toner. I would be surprised if BB used push on fasteners -I'm not doubting you - only it seems rediculous given the movement of a Coach. Doc and Linda, I did the same as you with the rear tv only I haven't put the door with tv onto the cabinet yet; will do so when I get home from this 30 day trip. Doc pictures would be appreciated although I think I can figure it out. Are you still using the same "A/B" switch that came with the Coach? I'm thinking of replacing all the splitters and that A/B switch when I go through everything in that cabinet. Let me know if you are planning on being near Malibu - I always enjoy meeting BBers especially from this Forum. I enjoyed meeting The Flagman a few years ago and provided him with an overnight dry camp at my friend Dick Clark's estate - yes that Dick Clark! I loved seeing his Coach too - I fell in love with BBs of that vintage.

Doc&Linda 09-17-2012 10:22 AM

M380 TV upgrade
Hi Dennis, I used the switch that was in the coach when we bought it. A flex vision switch. Don't know if it is original. It has 3 buttons (antenna, auxilary and TV1) In the middle it has vcr and 2 buttons and it says antenna auxillary. Over from that it has TV2. It has the same 3 buttons beneath it as TV1. Hope that helps.

Dennis 09-17-2012 07:53 PM

Thanks Doc, sounds like a different switch. What purpose does the SIMA serve since you were able to eliminate it?

Doc&Linda 09-17-2012 10:34 PM

I don't really know what the SIMA did. Think it was a glorified AB switch. Took it out of the coach, went thru AB switch that gives me antenna or cable. I have a DISH sattelite system hooked up to the tv. It's working for me. In the bedroom tv I push all those buttons (tv1 tv2) to antenna. when watch sattelite, switch back to aux and it gives me sattelite. I have one receiver (Dish Network) that gives me sattelite for both front and rear tv. (Can be watching 2 different channels...granddaughters prefer cartoons...)

Dennis 09-19-2012 09:26 PM

I found the problem; a wire had pulled out of the screw on end. I reinserted it and pinched it tight. I am still going to redo the whole set up, get rid of that which is not needed and put in a tv instead of that monitor. Thanks for your sharing your experiences.

Ebraggblue 09-25-2019 04:25 PM

External tv tuner and converting the tvs
We had great hopes of finding a tech to sort this out but after finding one it has been impossible to get him here. So we r going to try to do this ourselves. The AB switch is still connected. We put a new Tv in with soundbar. Nothing is connected to the Tv yet. So, can anyone tell us what we need to now connect to the new Tv? We would like to be able to watch different channels on the front and rear tv. We also have purchased a winegard satellite. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ed and Carolyn Bragg
2004 M380

chiplamb 09-25-2019 05:01 PM

Dennis. Don B did most of the work for me on the TV front but I changed his Samsung to a Vizio 40" up front as it is streaming live TV friendly. Recommend you ditch the stock setup as have others, a piece of wood to hold a pivoting wall mount and a little patience to find the right spot and you are good as gold, fits the hole nicely. I still need to readjust where the Vizio sits up front vs the Samsung as the mounting on the back was different by a bit.

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