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jimbonich 03-14-2010 07:46 AM

DampRid Moisture Control
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Originally Posted by jimbonich (Post 50311)
While you are figuring out where your leak is coming from, and fixing it, I would suggest leaving one or more opened containers of "DampRid" in that area of your coach. It's sold at most Home Depot and Lowe's stores.

I learned about it when I used to work at NBC. The Today Show camera crew I worked with would have to shoot outside shots in all kinds of conditions, and the cameras would get fogged up inside in spite of the expensive water repellant covers that they would use in those conditions. When a video camera's lenses would fog up on the inside, they would place it in a sealed plastic tub overnight with a container of DampRid inside. The next day it would be working fine again, without a costly repair.

We would have the same problem sometimes when photographing concerts and other NBC events, and our digital still cameras always dried out fine with DampRid. You can tell it is working because the upper layer of "pellets" in the container gets glazed over when they absorb moisture. You just scrape them off to expose dry pellets underneath, and replenish the pellets when needed.

Since then I have used Damp Rid to keep areas dry that contain items that could be damaged by moisture or mildew/mold. It works great. I recommend it highly, and it might keep mold/mildew from developing in that area of your coach--especially when it parked and closed up--while you are tracking down and fixing your leak.

Jim Nichols
Tampa, FL
"On the Road Again" (soon)

We are the experts on mold and mildew control. Our products solve your mold, mildew and odor problems to make your home life easier and healthier.

The Key to Mold Control is Moisture Control

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