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samdurrett 03-02-2011 11:09 PM

534 CI Gas engine for sale
I have started the repower of my 1970 sp, I have for sale the Ford Gas engine and the Allison Transmission. I did not spend much time trying to get it to run, I messed with it a little, and it backfired. I would think it needs a carbrator and a good Mech. If anyone has an older coach with this engine, here is a bunch of spare parts.

Buckskin 08-01-2011 08:11 PM

Sam, do you still have the 534? And is it the MT40 trans?If so, how Much?

samdurrett 08-01-2011 09:10 PM

Yes, o have had major back surgery, it is still in the bus. It is for sell, cheap if you pull it out.

Buckskin 08-02-2011 07:43 AM

Sorry to hear about the back operation, but I hope you are recovering well.
Is it a MT40 behind the 534?
I go and look at the 69 today. Swapping to diesel looks like a major hassle. If I get this bird, just trying to way out all my options. 534 has about 100 ft lbs more torque than the 391. But a diesel will have even more. The brakes are what I worry about more than anything right now.

JD33 08-02-2011 08:26 AM

Sammy, sorry to hear about the back surgery, hope you are recovering well. It is nice to see another prototype getting restored. What are your plans for repower?
Walter, unfortunately I am too far away from you to be much help, but I have a great running 534 and allison in my prototype that I will be removing in a month and selling. Is this 1969 that you are looking at a pusher?

Buckskin 08-02-2011 08:39 AM

Jim, No it is up front.
Do you happen to know what fuel mileage you got with the 534?

JD33 08-02-2011 08:45 AM

sorry Walter, no idea as we never drove it even one mile. Trailered it home and are replacing it with a Cummins/Allison combination.

Buckskin 08-02-2011 08:50 AM

Is yours a pusher?
How difficult was the swap to diesel?

JD33 08-02-2011 09:12 AM

Yes, mine is a pusher. We have not done the swap yet. We are doing prep, locating parts etc right now. I am going to pick up the engine/trans etc. next week and we are doing the swap first week of September. We are not anticipating that the swap will be that big an issue. Measurements have been made and we are sure that everything will fit. I understand your reluctance regarding braking etc. I can tell you that air brakes are the only way to go, and not just from a stopping perspective. You can replace air brakes and all related components for a fraction of the cost of replacing hydraulic. I have a friend with a single axle Ford dump truck and he had to replace the brakes including master cylinder and booster last year and the cost was astronomical. I don't know anything about this 69 but I will tell you that you should be focusing on a WL with air brakes.
If this 70 SP had not come up for me I was going to do an early FC, a 31'er or perhaps a 33'er. IMHO thats the way to go.

Buckskin 08-02-2011 09:52 AM

I talked at length last night to a Diesel mechanic friend of mine. He is very interested in this project of mine and wants to help any way he can. He thinks if the coach is in good enough shape, we can find a donor vehicle with air ride, air brakes, diesel and even axles if need be. He also has a friend in the big truck junk yard business (if he can track him down) that might be able to help locating parts / loaners.
I saw a 69 on here last night that a couple restored and put a 6v92 DD in and then put 65000 miles on it. Not sure about the 2stroke diesels but if people are converting to them, they may be ok. The easiest band aide would be a higher torque gas engine (the 534 is as big as I have seen thus far) I would even consider a 2 speed rear end. So I am just exploring options right now ( my investments, mainly real estate have not done so well the last few years), so I can't afford to buy a really nice rig with everything I want like I could have 5- 6years ago, so this route is the alternative. My kids are getting bigger and time is slipping away from me. If I can take them camping a 2 -3 times a year I'll be happy while giving them memories for a lifetime like my father did for us growing up.

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