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iamflagman 08-02-2015 10:57 AM

Wanderlodge Owners Group Guidelines
Wanderlodge Owners Group Guidelines

Welcome to the Wanderlodge Owners Group, a forum for the discussion of all things related to Blue Bird recreational vehicles. This forum’s intent is to remain fairly focused on Blue Bird products including Wanderlodge's and Blue Bird Motor Coaches. If you have a question, or problem you are encouraged to first take time to search through the archives using our Google Custom Search the forums for a specific topic? , as there is a strong chance you will find an answer or solution there. The archives provide a wealth of information in the form of files, photos, links and a database. Feel free to copy any information found there and submit additional item you feel would benefit forum members. If you wish you can send your contributions to any moderator and this will be done for you. When posting a reply to a message we ask that you delete the extended replies, keeping only the actual message content you are directly replying to. This will help those members who receive the forum via email with a slow dial-up or an expensive cellular phone connection. In addition, if your reply changes the original topic be sure to change the message topic. This will help others in finding a message when an archive search is done. An accurate message title will result in accurate search results. Lastly, we would ask that you sign your posts with your name, coach type and year. In addition to the invaluable advice you will receive from members posts the links listed below may be helpful. You may wish to include them in your Favorites for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions A list of questions that come up quite frequently on the forum and links to the answers.

Index of Downloaded Manuals and Files in Forums Software Database There is a lot of valuable information here, that may help answer some of your questions and good references too.

Calendar Dates for forum related events.

Acceptable postings, file submissions, emails and other communications with the Wanderlodge Owners Group should provide positive and constructive information as it relates to Blue Bird products. The Administrators reserve the right to determine whether content is appropriate and in compliance with this agreement and will strive to ensure that this policy is followed. Examples of communication that is not acceptable include, but are not limited to; any type of spamming, profanity, unapproved commercial advertisements, personal attacks, political postings, guns and/or ammunition, religion, off-topic postings, inflammatory postings, sexual content or alternative lifestyles (this includes any reference to them). Any thread, post, file, Signature, link or other content may be moderated or deleted for any reason. Administrators have the discretion to move, edit, modify and/or remove any content that they feel is objectionable and to amend any membership, including placing a member on moderated status, deletion of a membership, or banning of an individual.

The owner and moderators of this forum strongly urge the use of smiley face icons, VBG and even a Ha Ha when posting a “tongue in cheek” comment. Some members know each other personally and know when they are posting a reply in jest, but not everyone can be expected to react in the same way. Remember that these are not personal emails that you are sending and some members may not understand, or could be offended by them. Please direct any comments, or suggestions regarding the Wanderlodge Owners Group forum, to the forum management team.

Randy Dupree: Forum Owner
John Finn (1943-2018) Forum Co-founder/Administrator
Rob Robinson: Moderator
Bill Pape: Moderator / Administrator
John Wyatt: Moderator / Administrator

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