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Wandering 07-17-2008 01:05 PM

Battery Question
Hi, How do I know which batterys are the house and which are the starting? When I start my bus I have to engage the aux battery from the generator to get it to fire quickly otherwise it cranks for quite awhile before starting. I know the batterys are 6v but I don't know if takes 2 or 4 batterys to start. Thanks for your help!:)

Dieselbird01 07-17-2008 04:28 PM

Hi Tracy,

On my 1984 ½ PT-36 all 6 of my batteries are 6 volt. They are wired to supply the 12 volts for starting the engine as well the 12 volt for coach power.

Later models have split systems with 12 volt starting batteries and 6 volt coach batteries but I don’t know what year they started doing it that way. My guess is that your 1985 coach is like my 1984 ½ and that all 6 of your batteries are 6 volt and all 6 are used to start the coach.

It sounds like you may have a charger problem, battery problem, connection problem, etc. In warm weather 6 good 6 volt batteries should crank the engine good enough to start the coach without needing the generator battery’s help. At least they do on my 6V92.

A few years ago I had a couple of battery cable clamps arc which melted pits in the battery posts. I had to replace the batteries and fix the cables.

RGloverii 07-17-2008 05:32 PM


Your coach does not have coach and starting batteries.

Instead, it has one bank for 'everything but the generator', and a battery for the generator.

If you are saying that the coach doesn't like to start unless you engage the 'aux' switch, that would indicate that your main bank of batteries is either failing, or perhaps something as simple as a bad battery cable could be the issue.

I suggest checking the 6v batteries for proper water level, then give them a good charging. Check your battery cables, and clean any corrosion. Give it a shot, and see if your situation improves. If not, you're probably looking at purchasing new 6v batteries.


warbucks13477 07-17-2008 05:57 PM

If the battery levels are low DO NOT add water until the batteries are fully charged. Then add water to the proper level and let it charge again.

If the engine will not still start after driving the coach for a few miles then you have either very low water levels in the batteries, one or several bad batteries, or some cables that are either connected to the batteries and corroded or the cables to the positive and negative body stud that is corroded.

You should also check the chargers by checking the voltage at the batteries while the charger is on. Before the charger is turned on you should read less then 13VDC and after over 13VDC. Turn the chargers on one at a time so you can check each one.

good luck

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