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Busbum 06-29-2008 11:49 PM

Superior Diesel (Perkins Parts & Injector Pump Rebuild) Charleston, SC
Hello All,
I just got my IP back from Superior Diesel, which I had to send back after they rebuilt it last year... I had installed it last year after they returned it to me and I put it on the Perkins and ran it at Maxton, no problems ran fine... At the last day it started leaking again, as this was the reason that I took it off and sent it to them to rebuild...
When I got home I took it off and sent it back to them and told them it did the same thing, leaking from the cover on top... The supervisor was on medical leave abd I spoke to another person in his place... He said to send it in, which I did... When it was ready David, the supervisor said that there would be a $220 charge as he said that there was nothing wrong with it and the Mgr. said I should be charged the shop fee... Well I called and spoke to David, as I could not talk to him originally when he called that it was ready to ship, I told him that I was under the impression that I was returning it under warrantee , as per his replacement had said...
Alls well that ends well, David said that if I would pay the shipping charge there would be no charge... They are a good shop and I would definitely do business with them again...
I put the pump on this weekend and ran it for twenty hours and no leaking...
Also, David said that the reason the Mgr wanted to charge me is that I had a return line blockage, this is why the pump leaked again...
Before I installed the pump I ran the CAT to get the air up and blew out the line, and from what I heard when I did blow the line out, it sounded like there was an obstruction...

iamflagman 06-27-2009 01:50 PM

Wanderlodge Owners Group > Mechanic's Corner > Generators > Perkins Injector Pump

Section N of the Perkins Manual Air Filter and Fuel System - Fuel Injector Pump;
PERKINS 4.108 Worksh..> 28-Jan-2009 03:30 14.5M

Make note of these;


iamflagman 07-06-2009 07:00 AM


6881 Bulldog Drive, N. Charleston SC 29406 USA
843-553-8331 843-569-5984 fax

I have purchased parts for my Perkins as well as having the Injector Pump rebuilt by this place.

Superior Diesel in Charleston, SC, by calling their Parts Department, be sure to have your Perkins Model and Serial Numbers.


Wanderlodge Owners Group > Mechanic's Corner > Generators > Perkins Genset Engine & Kohler Manuals and Information > ENGINE NUMBER LOCATION ON PERKINS DIESEL ENGINE & PARTS Numbers.pdf
A PDF file showing how to locate the engine number on your Perkins genset engine, plus a list of accessory parts numbers, such as hoses, belts, shutdown sending units and more.

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