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AC7880 03-25-2008 07:59 AM

BMC/Cummins 8.3 filters part numbers
Cummins C8.3 engine in BMC 37'. There are four filters you should be concerned about.

LF3000 - Lube filter which is your engine oil filter. Make sure you fill it with oil when replacing it.
There are 2 gaskets -- both should be lubricated with oil.

Fuel/Water Separator which in essence is your primary fuel filter. It's the one that's easy to get to
and is the larger of the two fuel filters. It is at the right rear of the coach mounted on the frame
rail. It has a drain on the bottom which you can open to drain out any accumulated water. Fill
with fuel and lube the gasket with oil before replacing it. There are several options for this filter:

The FS1242 and NAPA 533242 are designed for use with a clear plastic bowl at the bottom.
The FS1212 is designed without the clear plastic bowl. IE: If your coach has the clear plastic
bowl at the bottom you will need FS1242, or NAPA 533242. If your coach does not have the
clear plastic bowl you will need part number FS1212. I loaded pics of the two filters in the photo
section. http://tinyurl.com/2rguk5

FS1251 - This is the smaller of the two fuel filters. It is located high up on the passenger side of
the engine and is a real ***** to get to. The "special tool" used to get to it is called a long, greasy
arm. Be ready to jump in the shower whenever you finish replacing this one. Like the other fuel
filter, fill with fuel and lube the gasket with oil before replacing it.

WF2070 or 2071 - This is your coolant service filter which should be replaced at every oil change
interval. The C8.3 engine is a "wet liner" engine. Normal piston slap causes the cylinder liner to
vibrate at a high frequency. Vapor bubbles are created in the coolant as the liner moves away
from the coolant (called "cavitation"). The bubbles collapse as the liner moves back into the
coolant. This implosion of bubbles removes material from the liner surface which leads to pitting
(not good).

The coolant "filter" adds a Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) to your antifreeze and forms an
oxide film on the liner surface. The bubbles still form; however, they remove the oxide film rather
than working on the liner surface. This is why the SCA level depletes and must be replenished.
The SCA level should be tested to maintain a SCA between 1.2 and 3.0. If it is below 1.2, you
should add liquid SCA to raise the level to 1.5 and replace the filter. If it is above 3.0, do not
replace the filter until it drops to 3.0. Test kits are available for this purpose. Remember to take
the coolant sample from the radiator drain cock -- not from the overflow bottle or top of the tank.

Info below is from other sites on the net. Verify all info below before "counting on it" as it
is generic to other brand coaches.

1. Engine Oil Change Cummins - Mechanical C8.3. service every 5k
miles or yearly, oil filter-Fleetguard LF 3000
oil type-SAE15W40; oil capacity- 23.7 quarts (US)

2. Air Filters- Farr is most common filter used on Spartan chassis.
Check the service indicator frequently. 5-10" is normal; 15-18 is ok, but
nearing service, 20-25" is out of service.

3.Fuel Filters- C8.3, Filter Type-Fleetguard FF5052, (maybe DV-P 550248 too?) filter is mounted
on passenger side engine, service every 12k miles (see part # above as well)

4. Fuel/water Separator- mounted on the frame rail or rear cross
member, filter type-FS1242B, service every 12k miles. (see part # above as well)

5.Transmission Service- Allison MD3060 (3000 MH), internal filters,
fluid type-Dexron III or Transynd, capacity approximately 26 qts, first
service at 5k miles, every 25k miles thereafter or 18k miles for Dexron.

6. Air System- air dryer-Haldex (Midland) Pur Air Plus, have the
coalescent and desiccant filter checked for contaminants every time oil
changed, use service kit DQ6026 or obtain filters individually.
check tanks if water is present change filter, it's likely
contaminated, filter F950011. Monthly for auto moisture ejectors,
remove moisture in the air reservoirs by opening the petcocks or valves
(some now have lanyards attached to valves or you can order from Spartan for
the 3 tanks)

7. Suspension- air suspension, the ride height should be checked at
every oil change. Incorrect ride height will affect front wheel alignment
and rear driveline angles. Ride height tolerance is +/- 1/8".

8. Front Axle- wheel seal oil level fill to oil-fill line on hub oiler,
lube type-80-90 gear lube, change lube every 2 years.
Eaton rear axles-fluid type-85W140 gear lube, model #15040S,
capacity 21 pints, model#19060S, capacity 28 pints. Initial change 5k miles,
then 120k miles or yearly.
BB "silent recall" upgrade was from 19,000 lb to 22,000 Lb, model 22060S, 5,29 RA.

9. Cooling System- drain and flush every 2 years, 50/50 mix of water
and low silicate antifreeze. diesel coolant additive-1.5 to 3.0 units per
gallon, change coolant filter at oil change for all engines

10. Hydraulic System- Change oil and filter every 2 years, oil type-
Dexron III is pink or red. Filter should be changed with fluid change.
Filter part #87610A Nelson. Filter is in the bottom of the reservoir

11. Tire Maintenance- weigh your
coach frequently, preferably at each corner, and adjust pressure according
to tire mfg. recommendations and check pressure frequently. Try to load coach
equally side to side and front to rear, Good Luck on this one :-)

12. GVWR- This means your coach is rated to stop at posted weight.
Most states require supplemental braking system for toad even if total
weight of toad and coach does not exceed GVWR.

13. GCWR- GVWR + 10k lbs for Mountain Master and K2 chassis', but
make sure hitch has comparable capacity.

Kohler generator 10KW oil filter part # is 322422.
Kohler generator 10KW fuel filtet part # is 322536, or NAPA 3390.
Speed sensor on the Allison 3060 is item 29509637, $69.13 in 2004.

Dan, 94 BB BMC 37'

rwoody 03-25-2008 10:14 PM

glad to see you back dan

tjseitz 03-26-2008 08:28 PM

Nice job
Good write up Dan. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I was looking for one of these list a couple weeks ago for the 3208 in a SP but couldnt find one. Good info. Tom

Randy Dupree 03-26-2008 10:18 PM

Dan the postman!
good to read your voice!
not many BMCs on here (yet!) but i was just saying to Scott Bishop that the BMC gets the best fuel mileage of all birds,and thats a big deal these days.

Gary S. 12-18-2013 01:26 PM

Great post Dan, lots of good info, can't thank you enough. Trying to get smart (not much chance of that :o )before picking up our 95 BMC next month.

Lee Davis 12-19-2013 10:05 AM

A couple of other comments.

A guy at the recent Cummins rally in Indiana said he had a friend using Fleetguard filters and one had a problem and messed up his engine. Since Fleetguard is a Cummins product, they fixed his engine no charge. He said if it had been anyone else's filter they would not have covered it. Sometimes they are a little more expensive, but after that story it sounded like cheap insurance.

Also if you want an easier time when it comes to coolant there is another approach you can do. If you use ES Compleat (another Cummins product, which is slightly more expensive but not much) it is a "lifetime coolant"

Cummins says you need to change the coolant filters at the right intervals, but never need to change coolant. I buy the two year Fleetguard filters with the chemicals in them, (a little expensive, as I recall about $75 each). So now I just watch the coolant level and change the filter every two years. You can buy blank filters if you want (no chemicals) and add your own when needed, but it's hard to buy just a few test strips at a time, they, at least for me, are a little hard to read, so I check the chemicals occasionally with them but go with the filters with the chemicals in them

The Cummins folks are very high on the filters with the synthetic rather than the ones with the paper filtering medium.

Lee Davis 12-19-2013 10:10 AM

I looked at my filter file and noticed a few differences form Dan's post

Here is what I have (some are the same)

Coolant filter Extended Service Synthetic Filter Medium - 12 months, 150K miles, or 4000 hours
WF 2121 Includes 15 units DCA chemicals
Or WF2123 Blank filter (no chemicals)

Oil Filter
Std is LF3000
Upgrade is LF9009 (supposedly much better)

Fuel Filter (Fuel /Water separator)
Under engine FS 1251

I can't remember the number for the 2 year coolant filter but that may be the WF 2121

Gary S. 12-19-2013 10:14 AM

Thanks for the info and update on numbers Lee. Looking forward to meeting you in Clearwater.

Lee Davis 12-19-2013 10:21 AM

Coolant info
We'll be there:)

You may not need this but if you ever do, here is the info on the coolant hoses for the 95 BMC (no need to cut your own :D ).

I may have put this inof on the Forum someplace else, if so, I apologize, I forgot (getting older, what can I say:()

Coolant Hose info for 1995 BMC
Hose diameter 2 ΒΌ ID
Elbow from Engine 0100-FF2-019 Quantity (1)
Straight Hose 0554-FF2-002 Quantity (1)
Straight Hose 0554-FF2-003 Quantity (1)
Reducer hose to Transmission 1066-FF2 Quantity (2)
Hose Clamps 0182-BB1-007 Quantity (10)

I got them from www.RVchassiparts.com This website is run by Spartan I believe.

Bill Pape 12-19-2013 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by Gary S. (Post 234565)
Thanks for the info and update on numbers Lee. Looking forward to meeting you in Clearwater.

I also can not wait to meet the new Lee, with all the latest updated technical information.;) :)

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