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iamflagman 05-01-2008 05:40 AM

FC Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Modification Repair
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This is a topic that every FC and SP owner should make a note of, as it seems to show up from time to time, especially it seems like in the early model 'Birds equipped with the CAT 3208 engine. Here is wiring diagram and other ideas showing how to wire in a Bosh relay into the fuel shutoff solenoid wiring, to help cure a low voltage operational failure of the fuel shutoff solenoid a printable pdf file is attached to save on your computer. http://www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.co...attach/pdf.gif FUEL SHUTOFF SOLENOID LOW VOLTAGE PROBLEMS.pdf Thanks to Tom Meservey for the use of a relay idea.


Another way to resolve the fuel shutoff solenoid low voltage issue, is to add a separate toggle switch bypassing the ignition switch power source for the solenoid as I did in this photo below. I plan on adding the Bosch relay into this modification in the near future. The toggle switches that I use is 50 amp rated and can be found at most truck stops and I have found them to hold up to more long term strenuous use than this in the past.


Below is the new style fuel shutoff solenoid, that requires a ground wire to be added, which is a simple fix.


Below is the CAT 3208 Injector Pump and Fuel Shutoff Relay removed from the engine, plus a view of their location when they are installed on the engine. You can just see the Fuel Shutoff Relay to the left of the yellow arrow, make a note that the relay can be rotated on its mounting spot so that the screws fro its two wires can be attached easier, depending on their location, the relay shown is a newer two screw version.

The TYCO / BOSCH Relay Kit can be purchased from me, I usually have plenty of them in stock ready for immediate shipment.

Papa's Taz 09-08-2014 11:47 PM

I accidentally ran the batteries dead, and now it wont start. I've charged them and it turns over quickly, but it won't fire. Could this be the fuel switch people are talking about in this thread?

Rick 09-09-2014 12:05 AM

It could be. Time to get out the volt meter.

Patrick LaBreck 09-09-2014 12:08 AM

Open your doghouse and identify the fuel cutoff solenoid from John's nice description.
When you switch the key on you should be able to hear the solenoid snap or put a hand on it and feel it. This will help you begin to rule the solenoid in or out.
If you're unsure get a meter or test light and check the terminals for power.

DTW1086@cox.net 09-09-2014 12:46 AM

Also check what the fuel solenoid does when you turn the key to the start position. I had a problem with mine dropping out when I hit start. Relay cured it.

iamflagman 09-09-2014 04:50 AM

I moved this reply over here from your first postEngine won't fire after dead battery recharge where you asked this same question, I have edited this question out of that thread so there will not be duplicate answers going on.


Originally Posted by Papa's Taz (Post 268179)
just inherited a 1978 FC 3208.... My dad only owned it about 8 months and he didnt' have a chance to go through the learning curve...so i get to!

one of the wiper motors must be stripped out because the wiper doesn't work but the motor does...hence I didn't realize that it was left on and it drained the batteries. I've been charging the batteries for a few days. The engine turns over quickly, but it won't start. Acts like maybe it isn't getting fuel? is there something that needs to be checked/reset before it will fire?

I've been reading other's posts about the auxillary battery switch. Is that the one right under the dinette seat on the left when you first open the entry door? does that need to be in a different position because I drained all the batteries?

Thank you...

Open the doghouse engine cover and when first turning ON the ignition switch you should be able to hear an audible CLICK sound that would indicate that the Fuel Shutoff Solenoid has ben activated opening up the fuel flow to the injection pump, let us know if this happens and also check out;


A photo description of the FUEL SHUTOFF solenoid on the injector pump. Sometimes the voltage to this solenoid is not sufficient causing it to shut off, resulting in the engine not operating, this problem is sometime attributed to plugged fuel filters. CAT 3208 FUEL SHUT OFF SOLENOID OPERATION

Chap 09-09-2014 06:10 AM

You might also make sure you don't have something like your auxiliary pump or a blower on......anything on the ignition circuit. If you do, it can drop the ignition voltage enough to keep the fuel solenoid from holding if the batteries are even just slightly low. John's mod will fix that issue.

Mustang88 05-24-2015 02:51 PM

Coasted to a Stop - then... nothing!
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:eek: Darkness was approaching and the Bus decided it did not like being out on the road!

Just put the batteries in yesterday and decided to take it out for a short spin to show it off to friends who were visiting! Not a good idea - I forgot my cell (WOG contacts), not much in the way of tools on board, and not much daylight! Gen Battery not installed, so no Gen Power!

Lesson 1 - like has been said before by many others - tools on the roadside storage are hard to access, and so is the battery compartment! Busy 4 lane highway (busiest spot in Saskatchewan!), I could not be at side of bus because cars and trucks passed by without even attempting to pull over.

Lesson 2 - Have a good TOW package - Coachnet - they were assume - sent a heavy wrecker vice the Landow as requested, but then the Driver said he could not do the TOW and between us we got the Landow that was needed (they actually had 5 of them, so no problem!)

So... Bus just stopped like it was out of fuel, but the Antitheft switch had failed (loose wire?), so I bypassed that. OK, now bus would turn over, but no fuel. Fuel solenoid was not activating! So tried to bypass by running power straight to battery. Did not work - not sure why but I was jerry rigging a wire, so I think that might have had something to do with it.

Noticed smoke coming out of the front dash area:eek::eek::eek:. All power off - OK, found the problem. One wire at the panel connector plug was melting. Took plug apart and removed wire then spliced it separately - Bus started and ran 30 seconds the shutdown. Wire hot:mad:. Did that several times:mad: So, i believe I have a short somewhere - maybe a faulty fuel solenoid that is shorting out. One of the guys was also a HD Mechanic and that was his first suggestion.

Going to run some new wires and wire as per this thread. Any thoughts - I know I was fortunate on this one. A good training exercise so close to home! Could not have asked for better service from Coachnet or the TOW Company (Brad's Towing). Bus is safely tucked away at the storage lot again, right where it normal waits patiently :):):)

Mike Hohnstein 05-24-2015 02:55 PM

Remove the solenoid, two bolts, engine will run, space under solenoid is dry, push lever down to shut engine off. Rocker shaft seal can get dry and tight, WD 40 sprayed toward back of pump will generally lube the seal so shaft can rotate.

Mustang88 05-24-2015 03:04 PM

Thanks Mike! I will give that a try this week. Taking a break today - did not get home till 3:00 AM.

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