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Friday1 04-03-2018 11:01 PM

Wheels away
This happened to a Canadian friend on Easter. He has a 1962 PD4106 GM bus like mine. He had recently done a full brake job, new shoes, drums, studs and thimbles. These are stud piloted 10 hole Budd wheels. The new studs were pressed into the hubs, not drawn in with a nut. They were tightened with a known good torque wrench. He is going to do some forensics to determine what happened. I'm thinking overtorqued or defective studs or both. A good idea is to specify Euclid or another good brand of studs and nuts when replacing them.

We had a bit of an “oops” today. We had the right rear duals pass us on the highway today. First off, we are fine, the bus hasn’t suffered irreparable damage, we are safe , no one was hurt, and other than the Jeep no other damage. We’re not looking to find fault, just putting the information out there so everyone can learn along with us.
We are in good hands , the towing company is very knowledgeable and respectful of old busses. They have already arranged to have a shop bring the bus indoors.


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Mike Hohnstein 04-04-2018 12:15 AM

I think the 450 ft.lb. dogma for the inner castle nut is too much. Torque tables are variable for many obscure reasons, however I'm comfortable with 350 on the inners and 450 for the outers.

MRPutz 04-04-2018 02:29 AM


Originally Posted by Mike Hohnstein (Post 411677)
I think the 450 ft.lb. dogma for the inner castle nut is too much. Torque tables are variable for many obscure reasons, however I'm comfortable with 350 on the inners and 450 for the outers.

All I've heard for many years was 450 ft/lb for our wheels. But as you mention Mike when I look up torque specs for bolt diameters the only ones that come close to 450 are Standard 12K, 170,674 psi, Med. Carbon Steel bolts. If some one is selling a bolt that does not have that high rating then the bolts are being over torqued.


BUT, there are several other factors that could have happened as well.
  1. Cheap quality bolt used in place of standard bolt
  2. torque on bolts was not performed "dry"
  3. Bolts were actually over toqued

I've never had a stud on my bus break, but I've always check the torque on them myself too. I have had studs break on single body delivery trucks I drove as a kid but who knows how they were cared for?

Sure does warrant some more research on our torque specs and the quality of the replacement parts we put on our buses! ;)

BTW, My Brother (heavy haul) was involved in an accident where a load was dropped. After the investigation it was discovered the chains used where not rated as high as they were stamped. The chains were cheap copies from China stamped with higher ratings than they were designed for. I'd hate to see that happen on wheel studs too. :eek:

Mallie Lennon 04-04-2018 08:02 AM

Truck wheel studs are a special animal, unlike any other.

ChrisRasman 09-13-2019 01:25 PM

No bus, but I had this same thing happen on an F350 utility truck. Just had tires done. I was a few miles away, coming to a stop. While I was still slowing, I see a wheel roll by. I say out loud 'that looks like our's. That's all I got out when the other dully came off and the truck hit the ground. The inner came off last and just fell over. The outer wheel rolled a mile, across a six lane road and wound up in the woods. Took hours to find. I could not believe it didn't kill anybody. I had looked the truck over after the work. All the lug nuts were tight. They over torqued them and snapped all the studs on the one side. It took a few miles before the last one broke off. The hub held the inside tire for a few seconds more then the outside. The tire shop blamed a new employee and was glad to tow us in and fix it. Took a new axle as the old one was bent. I guess the owner realized it was cheaper then the alternative.

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