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GregOC 08-06-2019 09:29 PM

3slide 450lxi vs One slide99lxi
Randy, when you sell my fifth rigs thru BBB is the 6th free?
I want to give you my first impressions on the 450lxi. best way is to compare it to my 99lxi.
Steering. nothing can come close to the steering tag on the 99lxi. the steering tag will throw the ars of the bus west leaving the towed car to track like you are pulling it with a pickup truck. But the 450 can make a sharp sharp turns with the independent front suspension. as far as turning, I will miss the 99lxi. but going down the road the 450 seems a bit more comfortable. may be the smaller steering wheel on the 450.
Ride.. 450 has it topped. may only be that the front tires on the 450 were my first set of Mitches. on the 99lxi I put new kumho's or goodies every 24 months and ran 115psi. the 450 has huge 365's. I wont be able to rotate 365 back so this will add to my projected budget.
Room... 450 has this. the slides are not in the way at all. when the 450 is closed you can get to everything with no issue what so ever. Opened the 450 feels like it is twice the size as the 99lxi opened. Slide out dinette is on a lifted floor which may cause issue if you have 4 at the table but we usually have just two or 200 over for dinner. I sold off the Norwegian recliner and use a simple dining room chair for the desk. the desk will take some time to get accustomed to because there is a lift in the area under the desk where I usually put my feet. As far as working as a no slide overnight, the 99 is more comfortable and the 450 may feel a bit closed in with two walls blocking the cockpit.
Hadley suspension…. the 450 bags and controls are unbelievable and react in an instant. Hit up button when needed over parking obstacles and in an instant 450 goes up 2.5. the 99lxi never had a height issue off road but I think the 450 will cause me to get out to do some math in January at Quartzsite. Leveling… the 450 will cause me to do some additional learning and reading. The jack system is 4 smaller diameter jacks with bi direction pumps thus no return springs. I like the lack of springs. Each jack has an independent pump and valve but share a computer. I will need to find the limits abilities and understand the jack computers logic or forget the 99lxi hwh logic and assumptions. I think the 450 jacks are called bigfoot?
Storage… 450 storage is huge, it carries no lp tank and the fuel cell is 100 gallon less. I think that is where they pick up an extra full pass thru bay. The gen set relocation was a bit messy but no impact in room as the compartment upfront turns out to be a welcome place to store all the plastic tables and chairs and stuff that is bulky and light. In the bays of the 450 there is electronics is several locations all protected with cabinetry but a bit confusing. The 99lxi was cleaner bay wise and had adequate storage.
Paint… like the 2005 era cars, EPA rules made finishes show with a bit more orange peel. Nothing competes with the finish on the 99lxi, not even the 12K finish on my 69chevelle. The stainless steel 450 panels stand true and clean with much less wave than the 99lxi. The 450 washes faster with minimal re-drying of the seam drips and runs. The bare stainless bay construction is a bit raw looking but once cleaned up and setup with a contrasting panel. It will look tones better. I plan to do some compartmentalizing in the bays to protect the electronics from a rogue packing partner I travel with and allow for quicker access to those electronics (if) when the occasion arises.
Interior cabinetry … Both are beautiful, the 99lxi maple is just as nice as the 450 cherry. I like the protective coating on the new bus a bit better. It seems like more of a wax and will allow for oil care. The fabrics are nice on the 450 but some walls have vulnerable placement. The shades are cool. One touch up at each area and a master open close switch. Too cool. The 99lxi manual pull was hard to keep clean and caused too much discussion and aggressive rebuttal when asked to wash hands prior to opening.
Bathroom.. I like the 450 better. The 99lxi was better appointed but the 450 has a full isle sink and a chair in the shower. I replaced the air toilets in both rigs, did the 450 the day I got it home.
Audio Visual… we don’t watch tv when camping so I can not critique.
Multiplex system… Dometic air-conditioners have been dip switch multiplex back since 1994 and this full address intellitec multiplex control system will take some time to grasp. I recently was able to see the advantage over the old find-the-fuse system when the step well muffed up and I was able to see the LED light giving me indication of where the issue was. Issues I see will be with modifications like updating inverters with smart inverters that double do what the intellitec system is already trying to do. The controls will be a learning experience but as you read earlier, I don’t watch tv and have all the manuals onboard. The multiplex systems in the 450 are less unique than may people think. Blue Bird was not the first to employ multiplex setup.
Cat VS Ser 60. My 450 c13 was turned up to 615 hp. I see better performance out of the gate with the 450cat. I am showing 6.8 mpg in the 450 and had relatively the same and a bit less with my 99lxi60 I got 7.3 in the 99lxi running 3,000 miles w/o a tow’ed once. Have not run the 450cat bobtail yet.
Air conditioning.. the 450 has 4 units. You need dash air also because the front cockpit gets a bit lost with the slides closed. The dash air is outrageously powerful but traveling in a new rig I opted to do without dash air because I didn’t want to chance blowing belts in the 110 degree heat.
Issues…. Generator shut down while driving in heat, bays got hot while traveling from the genset relocation. but we corrected that with a new genset compartment intake on the roof
Issues… slide locks got muffed but we corrected that by adding a better air dryer setup to the auxiliary air system.
Issues… like my Classic 1972 Pinto hatch back and the gas tank drama, people talk muff about the 450 front axle weight genset move drama. but we corrected that by mixing them a drink.
Blue Bird prides designs and engineering as being on the cutting edge. The 450lxi is still on that edge. Not for everyone. but then again neither is my Chevelle or my Pinto.

DW SD 08-06-2019 09:45 PM

Nice review. And congrats. How about some pictures??

Lots of comments I agree with about M380.
Where do you camp? Not so many 45’ spots locally huh?? Or maybe I’m not in the know.
We are near neighbors. I’m southwest of you in Encinitas.

GregOC 08-06-2019 11:02 PM

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In your area we stay at Chula Vista Marina. I just say "it is 39 foot, looks big because it has split windshields"

Chief607 08-06-2019 11:38 PM

Greg I really appreciate you sharing this info. We would love to get into a 450 but cant justify it or the cash flow currently. We love our 99Lxi even though it doesn't have any slides. Ill have to have Sandy read your post. If your going to be in PM and able to tour? Sometimes all I have to do is show it to her sorta like getting a puppy. just kidding

Randy Dupree 08-07-2019 12:38 AM

Thanks Greg,great post.

And yes,if i sell your 6th coach its on the house!

Crit Bliss 08-07-2019 08:46 AM

Beautiful coach Greg, interior pics please

bryanaltier 08-07-2019 09:34 AM

You will really enjoy your 450, lots of space and comfort. Drives like as 52,000 # sports car. :D

GregOC 08-07-2019 12:00 PM

thanks, I like it so far, we are in the process of modifying the interior to suit our taste, reducing much of the burgundy accents and on the exterior I am considering adding the shoe docking brackets and goat rails or buying a 80's pt classic or city bus to use in parades. the 450 roof has no extruded walking races like the 99lxi and my 94pt. and only the last 15 of the 450 rigs had Girrard goat rails. Randy brokered this rig as well. I bought it from him before he listed it when the owner removed it from a consignment agreement here is the old advert.


NoGas 08-07-2019 12:38 PM

Congrats, she’s a beaut!

For some upgrade ideas, recommend a peek at the M380 WOG Forum sections. With 10X the number of posts and overlap of many of the two coach systems, there’s certain to be posts of interest there. The LED headlight conversion and wiring it such that all four bulbs light in HI-BEAM mode being only one. Likewise, I hope you continue to post your updates so us “baby sister” coach owners can follow along. Appreciate the extensive recap of your efforts so far. PLEASE take pictures as you work and post them so we can follow along. After all, one is worth a thousand words ;).

For those who are dreaming of a 450 but short of cash, the 380 makes a great slightly more maneuverable alternative. Bryan’s “Sports Car” comment has also been mentioned at least once about these 36,000# coaches :D. Am sure Randy will tell you that there are some great deals being made on them right now.

WRVAlpine 08-10-2019 09:44 PM

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Wow, I am glad I "wander"ed in tonight and saw your thread Greg. Randy's got a 450 and we just found one for sale in AZ. I like your comparison.

We love the look of the 450 and the interior. I guess the biggest "hmmm" factor is the step up for the dinette, the weight concerns and lack of shared knowledge.

Just read through the post by Randy wanting 450 owners to get involved. That would really help.

Newell Guru has some of the same problem, you don"t find too many newer Newell owners on their website. But we don't want to spend much more than a 2004 Newell costs anyway and for these years they have quite a bit of searchable support. Our Alpine Coach group has iRV2. I can get all the help I need there.

Right now I would feel more comfortable buying a CC as they are much like all other fiberglass coaches....not as complicated. But we sure are attracted to an all metal bus.

So that coach in AZ


will probably not be bought by us....Patty really likes it. I just need to have more knowledge of what we are getting into.

In the meantime we keep modernizing the Alpine and putting on miles of smiles.

Thank you again for the comparison.

Travel safe.

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