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rjtoles 09-09-2011 05:41 PM

Interior remodel
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well I'm well along on the prep work for the new flooring. I have torn out the old tile and carpeting. Installed a thermal mat in the forward area and new rubber matting. I also worked the insulating pad up under the drivers feet to see if I can keep some of the heat down on the toes while driving. While I was at it I modified the center dash area. The controls were strung out and the radio was cramped in there. I moved the radio and CB overhead and relocated many of the switched and controls to make room for the new back up camera. Now there is a job disconnection all the switched and guages cutting new panels and then reassembling it. I have attached photos to show the progress. I have to get r done we are heading to KY at the end of this month for the 150 Mile garage sale WOOO HOOO. Well be staying at Dale Hollow lake and doing some fishing as well now thats what I call living. :)

fxdwg 09-09-2011 05:50 PM

Looking good!

Ernest Ekberg 09-09-2011 05:59 PM

Is your doghouse insulated?

rjtoles 09-09-2011 06:11 PM

Yes it has the led lined insulation that I believe was origional. seems to work pretty good. Do you have a suggestion, I'm open for them. Not geting the carpet until next week. Have this weekend to finish all the detail prep work.

rjtoles 09-09-2011 06:16 PM

I've been thinking of takling a piece of oak and putting it on the area next to the drivers seat on the dog house that is flat. Mounting it there I could make a nice cup holder along with the dimmer for the headlights. I will contour it of course to the outline of the dog house.

Ernest Ekberg 09-09-2011 06:17 PM

There is better insulation out there then the original stuff that may be falling down. When you mentioned heat at your feet that gave a clue. Dupree products has the stuff. You will have to pull both sections of doghouse for this project. Also examine the gasket the doghouse sits on- that may be shot, also. Now is the time to do all this.

78bbird 09-09-2011 06:20 PM

What type of new material did you use? Nice work, I and working on mine also. I have a hot air leak RT side of dog house and I not too sure where it might be coming from? Anyone???

rjtoles 09-09-2011 06:50 PM


this is the link to the post where i put the specs on the insulation material i used. I was fairly inexpensive and seems to be well made. The product I have has double sided aluminum as apposed to the one on the spec sheet that shows a single side. When the carpet is in and I take her out I will know for sure how good it is. You can spend crazy money on different types of material. I figure that this has to better than what I had, which was just the rubber and carpet padding.

Ernest Ekberg 09-09-2011 07:28 PM

Ok, guys, pricepoint vs heat and noise transfer in an FC is - if ya gonna go cheap- you'll get noise and heat. With the sound mats from Dupree- it will take 2 for an FC- spend the denero' and get rid of that problem.

78bbird 09-10-2011 12:06 PM

I have the insulation in and my wife drove it to "Q" I was riding shotgun and felt hot air blowing on me. So I just need to find the hole it is coming thru. I found one that was 3x5" and plugged with carpet. I made something to cover that. I know you can't tell from where you are at, but just wondered how you would seal the area around the dog house to RT kick board? I used duck tape on the way home and got most of it. Next remove the kick board and try again. Ron is rebuilding the front and I just wanted to bring it up.

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