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Don Meyer 04-07-2009 07:51 PM

shock numbers
Hello all,

Just finishing up a few "projects" on our Bird. Getting ready for a summer of fun and travel. I had posted a thread a few weeks ago looking for part numbers for shocks for our tag and drive axles. No response....but then I remembered talking with Earl Davis at BB before he retired and looked thru my "blue box" and found what I was looking for. He had given me some Ridewell numbers. So I called Ridewell and found them to be very helpful. They actually cross referenced their numbers over to Monroe and Gabriel so I was able to pick them up at the local NAPA. Tag shocks cost 50 buck each, drive axle tags cost just under 100 each. I put Monroe's on only because NAPA carried ONLY those. Here are the part numbers for anyone that needs them in the future.

Tag axle: Ridewell # 1250789B000
Monroe # 66886
Gabriel # 665526=40T

Drive axle Ridewell # 1254025B000
Gabriel # 680102
Monroe # 74406
Meritor # 680102-40X

Front axle Koni # 1004167

These are all for an 86 PT38

While I had the wheels off to do the shocks, I pulled all the drums and checked all the brakes. All we like new. And the slack adjusters seemed to be working fine as well. But I had to replace the bushings for the "S" cam shafts in the drive axle. Cost about 50 bucks for the kit that had bushings, seals, and spacers for both sides of the drive axle. Once I got everything power washed and cleaned, the installation was a breeze.

If I could figure out how to post pictures with my thread, I'd like to put some on here. Can anyone help with that. I'm NOT computer literate, so please BE GENTLE!

Don and Jane

Randy Dupree 04-07-2009 10:46 PM

thanks for the part #s!

Robmk2 06-15-2009 11:14 AM

Hey Guys,

Anyone know if these shock part numbers are the same for my 1982 PT40? If not - anyone know what the numbers are?
Your help is much appreciated as always....Thanks!

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