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NoGas 08-23-2018 11:10 AM

Available - Almost impossible to get N AZ CG Site Over Labor Day Weekend
Before I cancel this impossible to get over Labor Day reservation, I thought I’d offer it to a BB’er. It can be transferred directly in whole or in part. The cost would be whatever you’d pay if you’d made the initial reservation yourself + a $9 transfer fee (mine was made with a geezer card over 6 months ago!). We’ve stayed in this exact site for 14 days the past two years and loved it. It’s an almost level no hookup site at the far back of the park and it has lots of privacy. It’s also one of the few sites in the campground that has excellent solar but it’s in the cool pines at almost 8,000’ elevation. Here’s a picture: https://www.campsitephotos.com/campg...nyon-point-071

Here’s a link to the CG website:

https://www.recreation.gov/camping/r...O&parkId=70467 and the site is #71.

The reservation is: Arrive Aug 28th and depart Sep 4th, but you could do part of it if you like. Let me know either way ASAP, as I need to cancel no later than this Sunday to get my money back.

PM me with your phone or post reply here and I’ll call you back.

Am cancelling due to a family medical situation.

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