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WestySKPs 03-18-2010 12:49 PM

Inverters - Why such a difference?
Hi All,

In looking at different Wanderlodges, I am noticing big differences in inverter ratings.

How are the alternator, genset, and/or battery bank capacity matched to the inverter(s)?
What is the benefit of single vs double boxes?
What are the advantages / disadvantages to having a big or small system?

Can any one help clarify?

NH Bill 03-18-2010 01:20 PM

Like most everything else there are many choices and it depends on what your needs and desires are.

I installed a ProSine 2K inverter charger in our 83 FC because I wanted a 3 stage charging method and wanted to have adequate AC power throughout the coach for boondocking (dry camping). Currently running 4 T-105 deep cycle 6 volts and this is ok, but plan on adding more batteries at some point.

Below is a link to "Phreds poop sheet" on inverters. Very good overall information. Even though it was written in 2002, much of the basic information is still valid.


NH Bill

fxdwg 03-18-2010 02:53 PM

As the coaches get bigger, so do their power requirements. Single inverter, smaller battery banks and alternators will be on the smaller birds. You get to a 45'er, you'll find enormous inverters, battery banks large enough to power LA and alternators that need 500hp to turn them!

clyndes 03-18-2010 08:54 PM

I have been considering an inverter for my '83 FC. Xantrex seems to be a well regarded manufacturer. The Prosine 2000 is $1,600, the Freedom SW 2000 is $900. What would I be missing if I went with the Freedom? Does anyone have any experience with any 2000W inverter/charger under $1000 that they would recommend or caution?

Thanks in Advance.

warbucks13477 03-18-2010 09:46 PM

I have a refurbished Xantrex Freedom 2500 which I have used for over 6 years now and it has operated flawlessly. I have it connected to a link 2000 which allows me to monitor all 12VDC equipment in the coach from the alternator, batteries, generator voltage and amps etc. It is a very heavy piece of equipment (46#) and robust. Here is an example of a refurbished one for sale. http://www.partsonsale.com/heartfreedomrefurb.html $799.At camping world this costs $1200.

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to selecting an inverter/charger for your coach and all I can give you is an opinion for what I have and why. The refurbished model has the same warranty as a new one. The 2500 model is as large relative to wattage and current as you need for a FC model coach. You do not need a full sine wave model unless you want to spend at least twice the money and get nothing in return UNLESS you have some very sensitive 120AC scientific equipment in the coach that you have to run, or some unique piece of equipment that is very sensitive. With my Freedom 2500 modified sine wave inverter/charger with 2500 watts of inverter power and a peak power of 6000 watts and a charger current rating of 130 amps, I charge six 6VDC deep cycle batteries quickly and efficiently. When on inverter I have it connected to all of the inside 120VAC receptacles and the microwave oven and run my braun electric shaver, our electric clock, my computer and laptop, printer, cell phone charger, satellite system, LCD TV, DVD player, VCR, back up camera and LCD monitor, 1500W microwave, digital camera charger,and ice maker, in short I have not found anything that the modified sine wave will not work with.

Do a search on either yahoo or Google for what ever model you finally chose to buy. Come to our rally in Vernon,NY in June 11-14th and we will even help you install it.:eek:n

WestySKPs 03-21-2010 03:16 PM

Tom, Craig, Bill, and John,

Thanks for the information.

The poop sheet, and other Phred writings, are a great phind. I never knew boondocking with an A/C was possible without the genset running. Seems, with enough batteries and inverter capacity, just about anything is possible.

At 100 plus pounds for a battery, the ability to add storage capacity seems to eliminate a lot of SOB coaches just based on their CCC. There also seems like a big benefit going with a split system, maybe even a small standalone, for things like laptop, chargers, even LED monitors.

Again, thanks guys!!!


GreenBird 11-23-2010 09:34 AM

We have a PAC 1500 in our bird that looks like a factory install - still works but - our new flat screen TV refuses to power up on it. My thoughts are to keep the old brute for general purpose and install a smaller true sine wave unit for modern electronics. The old unit only feeds 1/2 of one outlet in the bedroom.

bubblerboy64 11-23-2010 10:06 AM

Having a bird of similar vintage the PAC is the factory equipment. I think you would be happier getting that out of there entirely and replacing with a Prosine 2000 or similar. From my experience the PAC tends to kill batteries and so as a charger it lacks considerably. You've already discovered it's limitations as an inverter.

gcyeaw 11-23-2010 10:25 AM

My charger for my power dirll sizzled imediately on a Xantrex Freedom inverter. I have reserved a single outlet that is not on the inverter and that one is used for chargers, etc. I did that in case there is a campground power failure and the Xantrex switches on automaticaly. My wife's chargers for her cameras also are suspect. If the equipment has a wall-wort (where the plug is a big lump) it will work OK. PC's and TV's seem to be OK, at least they don't burn out. In my opinion a true sinewave inverter is a better choice. It is easier on the equipment.

We have a fan we use on the coach and when it runs on the inverter it buzzes loudly due to the rough nature of the non-true sine wave power. Coffee makers and toasters work fine, but the toaster does hum louder.

GreenBird 11-23-2010 10:48 AM

Thanks guys - you've made 2 really good points that convince me the PAC is on it's way out - (1) bad power is bad for everything and (2) newer inverters are more efficient.

Our coach has seperate battery chargers - I don't think the PAC unit has this function (?)

Thanks for your comments!

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