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JackandLiz 06-24-2012 11:23 AM

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Howdy, WOGers.
Our Wanderlodge has a new black water tank. The project was finished Friday around 5 P.M. I paid the bill and we drove home, back to the LSC.

The black water tank compartment was completely cleaned and repainted. The floor was treated with a rust stopping product. The hole in the floor was covered with a piece of aluminum and cemented into place. If you look carefully, please notice that the new floor is sort of a grey. That is formica covered plywood. The tank is sitting on nylon strips. There are fenders to keep the tank from moving. It has new level sensors and a new tank flusher. It is also 30 gallons smaller.
A special note and heads up to BB owners of coaches that have the left and right tanks: Upon very careful examination of the old tank by Jack and the TCC crew, the tank's wall at the outlet hole was much thinner than the rest of the tank's walls. This is why we had cracks there. It was a defect in the tank itself.
Hope that our experience will be helpful to others.

Jack and Liz Pearce

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