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iamflagman 11-05-2010 05:37 PM

Height Measurements of 'Birds
At this years RATS I had my height measuring stick on hand to measure the different heights of some of the 'Birds in attendance and while I just drove the golf cart from site to site as I could no longer physically raise and lower the stick numerous times, so Thomas Rembert did all of the measuring with the help of the 'Birds owner deciding where the highest point on his or her coach was at, then Dick Gideon recorded all of the measurements.

Here below I showed how the Measurements would be taken and then indicated that I strongly suggested that an additional 6 inches be added to that measurement and a sign of some type placed either on or near the dash in front of the drivers viewing area for a quick reference, when approaching a low structure.

Cheryl Hintsala sent me a couple of pictures that I have combined together here that shows THE CREW with Thomas Rembert holding the measuring stick while John Hintsala up on the roof has placed the cross bar on the highest point on his 'Bird and then Dick Gideon recorded the final measurement of John and Cheryl's 2001 LXI that had a height of 12' 4", they would then add 6" to that figure making there safe height at 12' 10" to allow for suspension movement and pavement irregularities when they go under low structures. I would still be cautious even going under a structure that is marked at 12' 10" just in case the highway department has repaved under it and forgot to change the indicated height of the structure, I just don't take anything for granted.

I would also be extra cautious when going under any structure where the pavement is going down hill on one side and then going right back up on the other, especially if the structure is close to your safe height.

Disregard the thin red box outline in the last list, it showed up when I copied and pasted the image.

I know somebody took a picture of Thomas and Dick while we were going from 'Bird to 'Bird and I'd like to have it posted here as those two guys really saved the day and Thomas in particular was getting pretty tired after we completed all of the measuring, the stick even though it is made up of fiberglass, it has about 6 sections to it and then adding the weight of the arm makes carrying it around and then raising and lowering it time after time can take its toll on a person, thanks again Thomas and Dick for helping out, I couldn't have done it without you.

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