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jdarst 05-11-2008 08:46 AM

Replaced Kohler/Perkins with PowerTech/Kubota
Just had a new PowerTech 12KW generator installed in my PT40.

The Kohler/Perkins was starting to leak oil from both ends of the crankshaft as well as a few other spots. The fuel injection pump started spewing diesel. The overhead gages were reading 105 Volts. The exhaust couple(the cone) was not engaging so well. The Perkins ran dirty and noisey.

Thats how I rationalized $12,800 for the new PowerTech installed.

Now, no oil leaks of course, no diesel leaks, the overhead gages read 120volts, no more exhaust cone-now have a flexible pipe that is the coupler($500), the Kubota runs VERY smooth and a bit quieter. A big benefit is that it uses about half the disel fuel of the Perkins.

Talked with Bob Loomis about this installation, even got a serial number so PowerTech could look up the build sheet on Bob's PowerTech and build me one the exact same- with the older more dependable relay technology VS the newer electronic technology.

The old START/STOP buttons in 3 locations work as they were with the Perkins.

To initiate the update, I called PowerTech and informed them of my desire to update the gen. Gave them Bob Loomis' serial number and they built mine based on his. PowerTech then pointed me to Indiana Power and Supply, Inc. for the installation. It took 3 weeks to have the generator built and delivered to Indy Power. Once the gen arrived, Dennis Perkins, owner of Indy Power, called said bring the Bird. They had it Tuesday thru Friday, a full 4 days to make the change. They did an outstanding job on the installation.

I would strongly recommend Indiana Power and Supply Inc. to perform any of your generator repair or replacement needs. Thats all they do.... generators, thats it.

bloomas 05-11-2008 11:50 AM

Replaced Kohler/Perkins with PowerTech/Kubota
Hi Jay glad to here it work out for you. Can you post pictures of the flex
exhaust? Sure would like to see it.

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