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birds_first 10-13-2014 07:01 PM

WOG 2014 Appraisal Q&A and Insurance Review
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We've had several requests for the Appraisal Q&A and Insurance Review Session at WOG, so John Stiles will have it on the agenda for 1:00 on October 22, in the Activity Building. You'll get a reminder in your goody bag when you check in at Pine Mountain. Currently we have 7 people signed up for appraisals and we can fit in a few more, if you are unsure if it would be beneficial you may want to attend this Q&A session. If you think you have questions regarding what you're covered for bring your insurance papers with you and we can look & see. Currently we have 7 folks signed up for appraisals and we would like to know who else may be interested. Please let us know, as we don't want to turn anyone away but again it is suspose to be time for play. To sign up my email and phone number is in the pdf. Thanks in advance...

birds_first 10-23-2014 06:03 PM

Appraisal Time Slots Available
I still have a few more time slots available for appraisals during Friday and up until Saturday morning. I'm in site 219, look for Bird Brains on the coach, that is me, if you need an appraisal. I will shut down on noon Saturday, so don't get left out. Best to stop by & leave a note, my internet & phone are almost useless:(

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