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jgm 06-15-2017 08:38 AM

FMCA/Verizon Unlimited Data Plan
This looks like a good deal for internet access.
Data only, no phone or text.


gcyeaw 06-15-2017 09:06 AM

Seems reasonable, but I am already committed to a standard unlimited Verizon plan....

Kiwi3 06-15-2017 09:39 AM

Here is the link on the FMCA page.

Dc2x4drvr 06-15-2017 10:32 AM

For folks who use a ton of data, this is a great deal, FMCA just lowered the price to less than 44 bucks! This is a standalone plan, and includes a free VZW hotspot worth $200, No brainer for data hogs, like us..:)

rrueckwald 06-15-2017 04:30 PM

...except they have reached their max signup.... Nice deal. Wish I had seen it earlier.

Keirn and Carolyn 06-15-2017 05:20 PM

AT&T Mobley
My AT&T Mobley works real well and is $20.00 per month.
My phones have been Verizon for the last 15 years so I'm no AT&T lover but for data they do have a great deal in the Mobley program.

Dc2x4drvr 06-15-2017 06:41 PM


Originally Posted by rrueckwald (Post 382246)
...except they have reached their max signup.... Nice deal. Wish I had seen it earlier.

Not to worry, they'll be offering the deal next month, apparently there's a maximum number of new customers each month.

Kiwi3 06-16-2017 12:08 AM

I asked WiFi Ranger if their equipment supports the Verizon LTE Modem via USB.

the 7730L can tether to the usb port of our routers. You will need to be on firmware 7.0.6 though.
So good news for those of us using WiFi Ranger.
The reason I want to be able to do that is that I can set the WiFi Ranger to use Park WiFi before using the cellular data and I keep the network up in the coach all the time.

DonB 06-21-2017 05:03 PM

FMCA just sent out notice that Verizon has reneged on the deal: https://www.fmca.com/verizon/

bwinter1946 06-22-2017 11:16 AM

Wow, thanks Don. That evaporated quickly!!

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