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sfedeli 06-22-2010 06:23 PM

PT40 Genny Tray removal
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As promised, I've started documenting some of the progress on solving my generator "issues". Since Quartzsite, the voltage has been fluctuating wildly. After replacing the regulator, brushes and other electrical components, our local "authorized" Kohler service center, Winter Generator Service, in York, PA told me that the problem was not with the generator, but with the rough idle of the Perkins motor. So I had the injectors and injection pump rebuilt, adjusted the valves, installed a new fuel lift pump, boosted the fuel pressure with a Facet pump and did about everything else that I could think of to smooth out the idle. Despite having a much quieter, smoother running motor, the voltages continued to fluctuate and we decided to pull the Kohler power unit and test the rotor and stator windings. My guess is that there is a bad connection in there somewhere. Anyhow- here are some pics of the tray removed and the process involved. The first thing I did was to disconnect all of the "umbilical's" that connect the generator tray to the coach. Each was labeled and a corresponding piece of tape or zip-tie was placed on the generator. Turns out, I found a pretty nice chafe in the power supply cable to the generator starter. Had I not undertaken this project, I'm certain that the coach would have experienced a short at some point in the not-so-distant future :(
The second part was the actual extension of the tray and subsequent disconnect of the hydraulic ram from the tray. The pin on the end of the ram was held in place by a cotter pin. It's pretty difficult to remove the large pin without a helper "wobbling" the tray assembly. Once that pin is removed, the tray will slide freely right out of the coach. We used a forklift and wooden pallet to support the tray and then gently backed out the tray with the lift and rested it on the garage floor. The biggest challenge was loosening the mount and spring assemblies in the tray so that we could pull the genny entirely out of the tray. We had to heat and bend a "sacrificial" 9/16 box wrench (photo below) to hold the mounting nut while we loosened the long bolt that holds the generator foot in place on the springs. When we reinstall those springs, I'm going to weld a 3" piece of steel rod on the side of each nut to keep it from spinning. It will also make removal of the generator and motor a lot easier next time. Removing those nuts took longer than any part of the whole operation! We then used a chain and clevis hooked to a fork on the lift and raised the genny and motor out of the tray. Without the generator assembly, the tray only weighs a few hundred pounds. I'm making a furniture dolly that will allow me to pull the tray again on my own to paint and re-insulate the compartment. I'll also be installing new woven loom on all of the wires and checking for other chafe points. Finally, thanks to Tom Sorrentino, I have enough 6/3 wire to make a buddy plug connection on the front of the coach, so we'll be able to power a friend in need someday, or a house for that matter :)

Rob Robinson 06-22-2010 06:32 PM

Nice work Shane as usual and great pics. I didn't realize your genny tray was a three sided enclosure. It does make cleaning up and reinsulating a bit easier I think. Is there a possibility of adding additional sound insulation either on the cavity wall or the outside of the three sided box??

Rick 06-22-2010 06:33 PM

Looking good Shane. Keep the pictures coming.:D

fxdwg 06-22-2010 07:43 PM


What are your thoughts about the rollers that support the entire setup, now that it's out of the way? Is there anyway to easily lube them without removing the tray?

birds_first 06-22-2010 07:55 PM

Go Shane Go, I always admire how you dig into the heart of a problem, Get-R-done!

gcyeaw 06-22-2010 08:07 PM

Do you call that 9/16 'EL Wrench' ?

Icefixr66 06-22-2010 10:58 PM

That genny is pretty dog gone clean Shane do you ever use it?:D

Juergen 06-22-2010 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by fxdwg (Post 62065)

What are your thoughts about the rollers that support the entire setup, now that it's out of the way? Is there anyway to easily lube them without removing the tray?

I am doing the same thing with my generator. Except its running just fine, but the insulation was shot. Cleaned and re-insulated the tunnel where the tray goes into. The Stephen Birtley stuff really sticks like ####. Get it right the first time or start over (with a new piece). The rollers come out easy if the tray is pulled out. Took a 15/16 wrench and a (forgot the size of the allen wrench) and the roller comes off. Surprisingly, they were still turning good but starting to just about sticking, so oil and grease fixed that. BUT my tray is rusted badly on the front floor. Needs some welding. Then POR 15, then paint and it goes on and on. New hoses, clamps, etc as Bill Pape says: once it s out then do ......

bubblerboy64 06-22-2010 11:32 PM

It's just hard not to be impressed isn't it?

Got an idea for your furniture dolly. A couple scissors jacks on a frame with wheels under it, maybe four, one on each corner and you should be able to position and adjust it so you can remove the generator tray. Just an idea wouldn't be at all surprised if you don't have a better one. Maybe bottle jacks, small ones which I have four of if you could use them. I forget why I have them but in my most recent garage clean out I came across them plus four jack stands. Laying around taking up space if they would be of use?

sfedeli 06-23-2010 06:00 AM

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John- I plan to spend a fair amount of time sitting under the opening today and examining what's there. I've always just sprayed the rollers with PB Blaster to lube them up, but today, I'll be able to remove a few and see about jamming some heavier grease into them. Heckman- I made a furniture dolly that exactly matches the height of the tray off the ground. Once you slide out the tray, it falls down a little and you just continue pulling until it's all the way out. The scissor jack setup would be a great idea if not on level ground. I have the luck of working on a fairly level street. Mike- the genny has always stayed pretty clean, recently it got rinsed in so much diesel after all of the engine work that most of the slop ended up in the tray. I'll be repainting it before reinstall, so it'll look like new once I'm done. More pics to follow later...

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