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Randy Dupree 05-04-2008 09:56 PM

'Birds Spotted Today!
today i spotted an 87-88 fc at the sumter county swap meet in Webster Fla.
and on the way home from the swap meet we passed a 31'FC on I-75 northbound near the rest stop around the 380 mile marker.

popeye 05-04-2008 11:41 PM

Bird sighting...
We were westbound on I-84 about 100 miles east of Portland and saw "Blue Thunder" headed the other way. I'm not good enough to spot the newer BB's so the name on the coach helped. I'm embarrassed (sp?) to say that it was the only Bird we spotted between New Orleans and Portland. If you went by us and we didn't say hello I apologize!

Popeye & Olive

Randy Dupree 05-05-2008 08:13 AM

i didnt know you bought a bird!
tell us about the new to you coach!
congrats on the new baby!

DonB 05-05-2008 12:42 PM

I blew our horn when we passed! It is pretty common to drive 1000 or more miles and see no birds on the road. A bit more common to spot one parked somewhere.

popeye 05-06-2008 12:01 PM

Bird sighting...

We honked as well, and waved. It was a gorgeous day to be on the road, wasn't it?

popeye 05-06-2008 12:50 PM

Bird sighting...

We bought an '84FC out of Houston. She seems a bit unique in that a PO had the factory change out headlights and tail lights for '87 versions. She looks newer that she really is. She has 100K miles and seems to be in pretty good mechanical shape. Twin couches, full size bed port side, cruise air, swing radiator, new XZA3's, roof crane, etc. There are the inevitable "fixes" that need to be done. Yesterday I replaced the air cleaner element - the new one weighs 3 pounds, the old one weighed in at 6 pounds. Three pounds of dirt in a small box - it will be interesting to see if mileage improves.

She climbed through Colorado and Wyoming - slowly - but steadily. Had the cruise control fixed in Dallas and it made a huge difference in "driveability". I-10 out of Houston was a nightmare - tight, bumpy and traffic moving at a pretty good clip. It was a steep learning curve!!!

She purrs right along at 62 mph, has burned about a quart of oil every 1500 miles. I'm going to do a valve adjustment here in the next week or so and then we're planning to point her north up the Alcan to Anchorage. We'll be headed back south when the PNW gets cool - maybe as far as your neck of the woods. We'll be sure to stop by if we're close.

Randy Dupree 05-06-2008 10:15 PM

good deal! congrats on the new to you coach!
the FCs are great coachs,they get fair milage too.
enjoy the trip,keep us posted on how it goes!

John 'n Deb 05-08-2008 12:02 AM

on your way to Anchorage
Pop and Olive
If you drive through Edmonton AB on your way, we have parking next to our 84 fc.

Green_Bird 09-07-2008 04:35 PM

At 12:30 today we spotted a FC?? Southbound on the 605 freeway in the Los Angeles area - It had a bright green Citeron 2CV toad.

Coach Driver 09-07-2008 06:08 PM

Bird Sighting
One week ago we saw a M380 headed north into Virginia on US-29 pulling a trailer. We were in our car, but waived just the same!

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