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iamflagman 11-13-2008 02:30 AM

Fire Extinguishers, are yours accessable?
The other day, I finally after owning my 'Bird since 2004 decided to go through the numerous keys that came with the 'Bird. There were about fifteen keys with numbered disc's attached to each key to help identify what locks they went to, but most of them didn't match the locks on my 'Bird. Remember this 'Bird was originally owned by Budweiser and who knows what some of these keys fit, but eventually I managed to match keys with locks and proceeded to lock all of the outside compartments for the first time since I have owned the coach.

It then dawned on me that while I wanted to secure the compartments, I did want to leave one accessible and that was the right front compartment where I stored one of my fire extinguishers. I made sure that we keep the inside fire extinguishers accessible, because they are more visible to us as we walk around the inside of the coach, but the one that may be stored in an outside compartment, tends to be overlooked as it is normally out of site.

I keep a larger extinguisher in that outside compartment, so it easier to get to if I'm outside and need one right away and now if I'm in an area that I feel is not as secure as I would like it to be, I will lock that compartment then.

peteaeonix 11-13-2008 11:56 AM

Good point, John. Something else to consider. Most fire extinguishers are the dry chemical type. Nothing wrong with that, but time and vibration may cause the extinguisher chemicals to settle and clump -- not good when you're trying to stop a fire before it gets out of control! It's probably wise to just replace the dry chemical extinguishers every 3-4 years -- and also be sure to inspect them before each trip (or every few months) to ensure that they're still in good condition and fully charged. When inspecting the extinguisher, give it a good shake and pay attention to feel if the chemical powder inside is moving around. (If it has clumped, you'll want to replace the extinguisher.)

Some years ago, I purchased some expensive extinguishers for my home that were "rechargeable" -- in a recent inspection, I found that one extinguisher had lost some of its pressure, so I called a recharging service and, due to the age of the extinguisher they said they were required to pressure-test it first before recharging. The fee for the test and recharge far exceeded the cost of same-weight (disposable) extinguishers available at Costco.

When selecting fire extinguishers, look for those with a minimum (none, if possible) of plastic parts in the valve and nozzle.

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