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Keirn and Carolyn 09-16-2018 10:22 AM

Why I love my Bluebird
#629 of why I love my Bluebird.
Sunday September 16, 2018.

While Hurricane / Tropical Storm Florence meanders through North Carolina and South Carolina it occurs to me how much my Bluebird contributes to our ability to get through events like this Hurricane.
We live in New Bern, North Carolina. If you watch the National news or the Weather channels you have heard about New Bern at least several times an hour. fortunately our house is built on ground with a 25' elevation and the soil itself has good drainage.

We've lived in Coastal North Carolina for over 20 years and we most often stay put to ride out the consequences of an approaching Hurricane. This time we decided to stay put in our home just South of the Trent River near Brices Creek. All the land around coastal North Carolina is low. Usually the nearest high ground is the approach to a bridge or overpass. As I type this many of the roads are closed due to being under water or washed out. It is still raining and it is forecast to rain tomorrow and the next day too.
We've had a pretty easy time of it however. The center of the storm missed us by about 50 miles. The eye moved South instead of West then stopped (2 miles per hour forward motion).

The electricity went out while center of the storm was still 100 miles off shore (while the sun was shining). I had installed a Buddy Plug on the BMC 37 and assembled a connection to the house a year or so ago. I turned off the house connection to the utility company and plugged the house in to the Buddy Plug of the BMC. The BMC was full of fuel and water and had been made ready to bug out if the storm decided to head our way and became a Major Hurricane. Life without electricity is difficult but we had lights, refrigeration, hot water, and fans all provided by our trusty Bluebird. The Utility company got electricity back on last evening. Three days on the Generator (running about half the time) and I checked the fuel gauge and it hadn't moved that I could tell.
Life is good. In our neighborhood some trees are down and houses, cars, and campers are covered with shredded leaves. There are hundreds of twigs and branches to pick up, but we are safe and dry.

For one storm we left and traveled inland. We have a daughter that lives North of Greensboro in the North Carolina Piedmont and we can park by her Barn and plug into it.

We love our Bluebird security blanket

kg4rrx 09-16-2018 11:11 AM

Coastal Carolina is one of my favorite places ever. Wilmington is just a cool town. It breaks my heart to see the flooding that hasn't even begun to subside yet. I believe I've heard that is not even halfway to the projected levels yet in some spots? It is good to hear that the bluebird family is safe, though.

*IF* you had to leave in the next day or so- have you looked to see how you would or if you even could get out?

jyclegg 09-16-2018 11:46 AM

Hi Keirn,
You know we did the ski racing thing for many years. We would dry camp in the ski area parking lot, sometimes for a week straight. The genny just ran and ran. Never worried about fuel. Maybe 3/4 gallon / hour under load.

Keirn and Carolyn 09-16-2018 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by kg4rrx (Post 429018)
*IF* you had to leave in the next day or so- have you looked to see how you would or if you even could get out?

A lot of roads are closed between New Bern and Raleigh. And roads aren't going to get better real soon. Actually NCDOT suggests that travelers passing through not even consider roads in the Eastern 1/3 of North Carolina. We could get out today but it is still raining and who knows about tomorrow. One of the big problems of leaving is being able to get back when you want to. I know that 25 feet above sea level doesn't seem like much but at that elevation we won't have to get out.

Flooding around here has two parts. First the storm water surge caused by the high winds pushing water up the Big rivers (Neuse river and Pamlico/Tar river). Then comes the monsoons connected with the tropical storm and this raises water in the creeks (Brices creek) and small rivers (Trent river) and that water has no place to go until the storm surge in the big rivers subsides.

Driving by the airport today to get to the hardware store we noticed the scum/high water line on part of the security fence was way higher than we were.

Keirn and Carolyn 09-16-2018 07:30 PM

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Storm surge in Downtown New Bern.


kg4rrx 09-16-2018 10:20 PM

Amazing. I'm guessing the waterline on the boat must be the flood level, too.

Please be safe.

Nancy Brookshire 09-17-2018 08:20 AM

Glad to hear you, Carolyn and Mike are safe!

Keirn and Carolyn 09-18-2018 11:37 AM

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Down the Neuse River, Oriental has problems too.
Photograph from www.towndock.net


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