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MRPutz 01-06-2013 12:30 PM

AZ Hot Birds - Lake Havasu Feb 14-17
Lake Havasu - Feb 14-17, 2013
24th Annual Western Winter Blast
Here’s your chance to see the largest/longest fireworks in history!

The annual Western Winter Blast show brings people from all over the country to enjoy the amazing pyrotechnic display. This year we’re staying at the SARA Park Rodeo Grounds & will enjoy 4 days of a
Fireworks Extravaganza!

This is the only spectator camping allowed in SARA Park. It will be like our own private & spectacular
fireworks show. Vendors from all over the U.S. come here to see the new products being displayed. It is absolutely the best show anywhere in the US!
Here’s some of the things to do;
• Free Concert Saturday, Feb 16th from 4-7pm
• Close to shopping, gas, food, hiking, biking, and sightseeing
• Dry Camping only, Water & NEW Clean restrooms available
• Campfires & Grills allowed.
• NO ANIMALS (except of course our Wanderlodge Owners)
• No RV Dumps BUT you can order a pump out if needed.
• 22’x55’ RV spaces
• BBQ Saturday night just before the big show ($10 a plate)

I’m working with Sandi and she will reserve our slots together. Please call and make your reservations ASAP so she can reserve enough slots together for all of us. Make sure you tell them you’re an AZ Hot Bird member! The website does not allow you to pay by the day but we can. The cost is $25 per day. Tami & I will arrive Friday (Feb 15th) and leave Sunday so will cost $50 for the weekend. I will send more detailed info as the event gets closer.

For now follow this method and make your reservation today*!

Online: http://www.havasurodeo.com/#!pyrotechnics-and-bbq/cj0a (click “Donate”)
Email: sandi.nagel@frontiernet.net - or call Sandi 928-208-2093

*NOTE: How to pay online;
The way they have it set up now, you can pay the $100 at the fireworks & pyrotechnics page and that is for the full 5 day event. If you want to just pay $25 per night you will need to click on “Donation” (top right on the main page) and select an increment of $25, Then email Sandi & myself that you’ve paid for camping in the common area with the AZ Hot Birds, and the days you’ll be there. Once I get an email from you I’ll send you all the info & waiver form you’ll need to sign.

AZ Hot Birds Registered:
1. Michael Putz 11/14/12 w/ 2 BBQ

2. David Ward 11/16/12 w/ 1 BBQ

3. Joseph Garner 11/17/12 w/ 2 BBQ

4. Fred & Jeanne Hulse 11/17/12 w/ 2 BBQ

5. Gary Williams 11/17/12 w/ 3 BBQ

6. Kathleen & Lari * They will be across the street on BLM with her family. Kathleen will be there at least a week early to secure a spot. We are welcome to walk across the street and share their camp fire, and of course they are welcome to visit us inside the arena. Looking forward to another wonderful display.

Fred & Wendy Tentative
Chuck & Tela Tentative
Fred & Bobbie Tentative
David & Cindy Tentative
Terry & Donna Tentative

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