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ABBird 06-27-2019 02:17 PM

Racor 30 micron vs 10 micron?
Buying filters for my Cat 3208T...getting ready to do the regular maintenance...and looking to put some in inventory...I am good on the engine oil and air filters, just not sure what I want to do on the Racor

Racor Background:

I have a Racor Model 900 FH,
according to the label, it uses Series 2040 filters.

Choices are:
2040SM - 2 microns (NAPA 3799)
2040TM - 10 microns (NAPA 3209)
2040PM - 30 microns (NAPA 3797)

Currently running on 2040PM (NAPA 3797), and the usual 2 micron fuel filters on the engine...CAT 1R-0750 (or equivalent)

Question: Should I consider the 10 micron version of the Racor fuel filter?

Rick 06-27-2019 02:37 PM


SNOWBIRD 06-27-2019 10:27 PM

No. And here is why I say that. Conventional thinking was always to have progressive filtration but I like to do it just opposite.

I go with a 2 micron filter first since the Racor is the easiest filter to change. When you get bad fuel or are just ready for a filter change while on the road, you will only need to change the Racor and not the secondary. You can monitor the Racor with a vacuum gauge. So the secondary, in this case, is just there to catch parts of your fuel pump, should it shred itself. The secondary in this case can be a 10 micron.

If you go with a 10 or 30 micron in the Racor, you could plug up your secondary which is harder to access and change on the road. Plus you get no warning of it plugging up as you do with the Racor vacuum gauge. (unless you have a fuel pressure gauge)

Frank W. 06-28-2019 08:48 AM

My practice: RACOR filter in 20 or 30 micron. Engine filter 2 micron.

Both are easy to change on my FC. I carry two each as spares all the time. RACOR filters I order online (try to ensure they are RACOR...not cheap knockoffs) or on the road hit NAPA or West Marine.

Why: WHEN (not if) you have a contaminated or algae bloom fuel issue my opinion is that you will get further down the road before your engine stops with the 20/30 and 2 combination than any other. The RACOR will load up on crud...but still pass fuel longer with a 20/30 range filter. That is the priority aspect that frames my decision and YMMV.

ABBird 06-28-2019 12:21 PM

Would 10 micron Racor and 2 micron engine represent a “compromise” between the two approaches?

I have a 30 micron filter in inventory, and just ordered a 4-pack of 10 micron “genuine Parker/Racor” filters too...

My priority is “getting home” on Sunday night... I do try to keep my tanks full and use the fuel up as quickly as possible :) — don’t give the algae a chance to grow!

Frank W. 06-28-2019 01:50 PM

Yes...you got them, use them. Should be fine. Have a safe run home.

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