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RGloverii 06-07-2008 01:18 PM

Fuel Primer pump issues
Well, in preperation for our next trip, I decided to change the fuel filters on the coach.

After changing the secondary filter (unde the engine), I attempted to start the coach to get the fuel line re-primed, then the plan was to change the Raycor filter next.

Suffice it to say, apparently, the fuel line primer pump appears to be non functioning. I have tried several times to start the coach while holding down the "push to prime" button, and it does not work.

I took apart the pump switch (hoping the switch was the problem) but it is not. The switch simply provides ground to the pump. I connected an amp meter inline, and the pump does not appear to be drawing any current.

Therefore, I now must find the location of the actual pump, to diagnose the issue further. Without the pump, I cannot start the coach.

Does anyone either know the location of the pump, or have any advice on re-priming the fuel line without it? SP coaches do not have the hand pump primer pumps that FC's have inthe doghouse.


RGloverii 06-08-2008 07:47 PM


Thanks to the help of Bill, I got the air out of the fuel lines, and the coach is back to life!

I guess this i what I get for following the filter change instructions. No more changing the fuel filter dry for me!


Bill Pape 06-08-2008 09:08 PM

Hi Robert,

It is good things worked out for you , It is great to hear that familiar 3208 sound come alive..:)
You may eventually want to change the Facet fuel pump, they sometimes gradually loose there pumping pressure and eventually start to leak. You can usually hear it chatter near the fuel tank, when the engine or the Onan is running. The 3208 will suck the fuel, but much better with a good pusher pump.
On our 88 FC and probably the same on your SP Napa # 6101033,
Facet # 40109. this is hard to reach and wear old cloths ;)


birds_first 06-09-2008 12:07 AM

Bill when my bird went tango uniform on me in March when I had it hauled to the shop the guys at Peterbilt moved my pump and added another fuel filter to the subframe member in front of the fuel tank between the rear levelers. It is a lot easier to get to and the new filter is in place to collect the trash before it reachs the Racor. Plus the new filter is a lot cheaper to replace then the Racor filters.

Bill Pape 06-10-2008 01:10 PM

Moving the fuel pump is a good deal,
& spin on filters are really convient.

Jim Magowan 06-10-2008 08:50 PM

On our coach, if the Facet stops working and the engine loses its prime getting it started is a chore. You must take the fuel line off of each injector and crank the engine to get the air out of the system. Once it stops blowing bubbles and you get all the lines secured back onto the injectors you crank and pray. If it doesn't start reppeat steps 1-1000 above.

With the Facet it will usually start if you restore the prime by holding the prime button down until the pressure builds up and shuts the pump off.

On ours the Facet is relatively easy to get at. It is on the rail under the air filter in the right rear engine access.

Jim Magowan 11-02-2008 11:12 PM

Here's an update on Facet issues in the SP. We have had ongoing problems with the Facet. Part of the problem was that it quit when we were travelling, usually when temperatures were ) or below, but, after we got hime and started checking the pump worked just fine. Last week, while trying to solve a fuel problem with the Webasto the pump was not working. It turned out to be a bad ground. Since we use hte Bird in winter a lot of slush and road salt is thrown into the rear engine area where the pump is.

I use a lot of Corrosion Block and grease on contacts whenever I work on them.

dspithaler 07-26-2017 01:16 PM

I have a question on the location of the Facet pump. On my 89 sp I have been looking for it. It quit chattering right after I got the coach & I didn't know what it was at the time it quit. I didn't know how important it was at that time. It still hasn't given me a problem but I don't want to push it. Been looking in all the likely places that I have heard of but can't find it. If I can't find it where is the easiest place to put one without to much trouble. Thanks Don

Rick 07-26-2017 02:24 PM

Your pump is located on the curb side frame rail. Should be just across for the fuel filter. Find the oil pressure manifold next to the oil filters. One of the pressure units supplies ground for the pump. follow the wire and you will find the pump.

dspithaler 07-27-2017 10:10 PM

Rick I was under the bus today & the fuel filter has a 3/8" tee with a 1/4" line going it on the top that comes from the front & a line out of the top to the rear of the bus. The wires that you was talking about goes to the frame rail but is covered with foam that keeps the water heater compartment warm. If it is buried in the foam I'll probably drain the radiator & take the coolant pipe off the ZF Tranny. There is not much room to work up there with that pipe in the way. If that is it what a place to put the Facet pump. Not a good place to work on it

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