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jwmp 07-03-2011 07:42 AM

Norcold Refrig Recall done now Nocool
I had the recall done in March,the refrig has been working fine. Using the coach for first time this weekend. Getting ready for trip and loading refrig, find it is not cooling. I looked at the circuit board and the red LED is on. I bypassed the recall HITemp module, but still no cooling. The gas burner lights and burns, but no cooling. :(

I do not smell any ammonia. Ideas?:confused:

yesmar 07-03-2011 09:01 AM

I had the same thing happen. I by passed the new module they put in and the refrigerator worked. I then rehooked up the new module and it began to work and has worked ever since, except on inverter power.

What the module basically does is turn off the DC going to the refrigerator board when the temp sensor detects a too high temp. On the lower right side of the board, you will see DC in on the board. Find your original DC wire which goes to the new board now. Check it for 12 volt power. Then check the DC in on the board for DC power. If one has DC power and the other does not, then put the original dc power wire on the dc terminal on the board. If the refreigerator works, then re hook up the module and see if that works.

I would not run it without the module hooked up in case of fire.

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