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rshrimp 04-11-2018 03:27 PM

Proves my point about Insurance quotes
I have said many times, If you don't like the price call again tomorrow and it will change. It's like buying an airline ticket.

I have Progressive. I purchased it online a month ago, right after the FMCA rally.
I pay about $750 for a 12 month policy.
While I was at the FMCA rally I filled out an insurance quote form with FMCA to get free hat or something...

I just got the quote. Exact same coverage, and with Progressive, and they want $1550!

Just proves my point that insurance quotes change with the tide!

Nelson007 04-11-2018 05:55 PM

Be very careful with Progressive. When I had a claim they were very bad to work with. I had 12 vehicles with them for 7 years and I ended up cancelling all my policies with them, due to their lousy service, they could care less about their customers.


SNOWBIRD 04-11-2018 08:06 PM

I think its always best to have an agent. I don't know if I'd ever buy insurance online and I buy just about everything online. With an agent, at least you have someone local to deal with and that has a vested interest in taking care of you.

dlefty 04-11-2018 08:19 PM

I have had a good experience with Progressive. I had a car fire (other ins carrier unfortunately) which caused paint issues & smoke damage on the BB. They made everything as far as claims go smoothly. It must be who I dealt with.

birds_first 04-11-2018 08:22 PM


But Randy you have to remember that the agent was also most likely getting a commission on that policy and relying on you to get caught up sucking in the fumes from the FMCA Rally. If you waited a day to two and called back the price would have changed again.

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