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iamflagman 07-22-2008 01:22 PM

Adding a new event date the the forum calendar
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Whenever you post a thread on the forum about a new event such as a rally, be sure to also add the information to the forums CALENDAR, here is how you do that;

1. Click on CALENDAR located on the toolbar near the top of the FORUM HOMEPAGE.

2. The DEFAULT CALENDAR will now open.

3. Scan to the bottom under the DEFAULT CALENDAR and choose one of the options from the ADD NEW EVENT box and fill in all of the needed information, you can also link it to your posted thread.

4. You event will show up at the bottom of the FORUM HOMEPAGE. If there are no events on the DEFAULT CALENDAR for any given day, this will not show up.


You can always check the complete DEFAULT CALENDAR by completing the first step above, to check on any month that you want to and to see the details for a particular day of that month, just click on the title of the event on the calendar.

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