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wonderlust22 08-28-2016 11:03 AM

Hello from Nor Cal
Newbie here in Sacramento. I decided a couple of years ago that a change was in order and have been implementing an exit plan from work and house in 2016. During this time I have been researching FTing options and have changed my mind a few times on the type of setup to pursue (Class B--->TT--->Class A SOB--->BB?). Until recently I had been focused on a 10yr old (+/-) sticks and staples seaech from a private original owner. Then I happened upon the technomadia blog and the decision tree the owners went through on their purchase of a bus conversion project. It got me thinking and doing more research. Which brings me here. I think an older well-maintained BB is the natural progression on my journey. However, I have yet to see one in person. If any club members/owners in Northern CA or Oregon would be up for giving a newbie a tour of their rig and a rundown of their experiences I would be much obliged, and buy dinner! My interests would be in a FC35 or SP36 as I will be alone (other than my dog) and boondocking often so the size and relative maneuverability would be best suited for me I think. Any other thoughts on where to tour a rig or two or three in person would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

78bbird 08-28-2016 01:27 PM

Welcome Mark: My 78BB was handed down from family and I also had a 69 Bluebird INN. I am restoring the 78 now and have been from the time we got it. Here in CA, I find the only "bad" thing with a Cat 3208 NA is going 35 MPH up hills. So you should drive a few Birds before buying and get the one that fits you.

wonderlust22 08-29-2016 10:14 AM

Thanks Mark. Do you find yourself avoiding certain trips due to hill climbing issue? I presume the torque is fine, just a slow ride? Perhaps you plan out schedule to minimize traffic liklihood?

biobug 08-29-2016 10:37 AM

We have an SP you could check out. It is in Hood River so it would be a drive. You could come spend a night or two . We would be happy to share our love for Wanderlodges .

wonderlust22 08-29-2016 10:51 AM

Thanks John. I might take you up on that. My Dad lives in Eugene and I go up quite a bit to check in on him. Will touchbase with you before my next trip. Thanks!

78bbird 08-29-2016 12:29 PM

Hi Mark: yes we will plan our trips and give ourselves lots of time. The only road I did not like at all was going down the grapevine to LA. We do not have aux braking so we go very slow, and now we take 58 over to Quartzsite AZ. for the BB rally.

FredNewell 08-29-2016 01:15 PM


Fortuna Ca.

Free tour!

Gimme an email address and I can send photos too.


Howard-James 08-30-2016 12:03 AM

We will be in Fallon some time after the first of Oct if you wish to see a 85 FC set up for boon docking let me know (gas or elect water heater,four burner gas stove with oven, 900 watts of solar,400 Amps of Lithem, isolated start battery, isolated generator battery, 3000 watt inverter and a lot more.

wonderlust22 08-30-2016 10:24 AM

Thanks Jim. I go to Reno often as I have a few friends there. Fallon isn't too far away so I will contact you if I'm in the area in October. Sounds like quite the equipped coach you have.

bwinter1946 09-06-2016 03:52 PM

I personally would not rule out a BMC 37 and I happen to know of one in Madera, California.:D

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