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iamflagman 06-26-2010 05:18 AM

Thread Hijacking

Originally Posted by iamflagman (Post 127)

Wanderlodge Owners Group

You will be required to read this before using the forum

Excerpt from the Forum Guidelines........................................ ............

When posting a reply to a message we ask that you delete the extended replies, keeping only the actual message content you are directly replying to. This will help those members who receive the forum via email with a slow dial-up or an expensive cellular phone connection. In addition, if your reply changes the original topic be sure to change the message topic, or better yet Start a NEW Thread. This will help others in finding a message when an archive search is done. An accurate message title will result in accurate search results. Lastly, we would ask that you sign your posts with your name, coach type and year, this can be easily done by using the signature box in your profile.

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Randy Dupree: Forum Owner
John Finn: Moderator
Rob Robinson: Moderator


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Do...read_hijacking

Thread hijacking (or "threadjacking") in online communication is the act of composing a new message to a email mailing list, Internet forum or newsgroup by replying to an existing message with un- or barely-related content, rather than composing a new message from scratch. In the worst cases, the threadjacker fails to even change the Subject: line, and/or to delete the quoted material from the original thread (this is often combined with top-posting).


Thread hijacking in Internet forum communication is the act of steering a discussion off-topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject at hand.
While this can be an intentional act of trolling, it is often accidental - caused by participants in the discussion responding to a throwaway remark, thus taking the thread off at a tangent to the original subject matter. The results often provoke a feeling of resentment from the author of the original post.

thread hijacking in Internet forums

Question: What is "Thread hijacking"?

Thread hijacking is a term I just found for an old problem: radical departure from the topic of a thread. I guess a lot of folks view a thread as a discussion between them and one or two others, like a little chat room. But it just ain't so.
A lot of users join because they find a thread so compelling they feel they must get involved. Plus the vast majority of users sign on, hit "New Posts" or "Todays Posts" and read the few of interest to them. But, if the thread is titled for one topic and changes a few posts in, chances are only a very few people are ever going to see it, however marvelous and useful it ends up being.
Also, it isn't fair to the originator of the thread, since many are loath to interrupt an ongoing conversation, even if it's just to return to the title topic.
And you can hijack your own thread. I guess the thought process is something like "I started this thread, I'll discuss what I please". This is self-defeating, since once a thread is off-topic most will lose interest and never return, even if it drifts back.
I am just as guilty of Hijacking threads as others are, but we need to be aware of this as it often interrupts the flow of the thread and any information that the originator of the thread needs. It only takes a few minutes to start a new thread with the new topic that you want to discuss. It also can be very frustrating when you do a search on a topic only to find that the conversation about that topic has been interrupted or completely changed direction in the middle of the thread.

In addition Hijacking a Thread is in violation of the WOG Forum Guidelines.

Please do not reply directly to this thread but start a new thread.

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