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MRPutz 01-01-2019 08:02 PM

2019 - May 24-27 - Kaibab Lake, Az
Kaibab Lake - May 24-27, 2019

8th Annual AZ Hot Birds Kaibab Lake Rally

- Located just outside Williams, AZ up in the cool country, perfect time of year.
- Bring your bike! Great place to ride.
- Make reservations RIGHT NOW!! These go fast!
- Over Memorial Day Weekend
- We want to make sure we’re all in Loop-A & B if possible.

If you cannot get into A or B loops then look for C, D, & E. You may play with the dates to see if the spot is available. Also, make SURE you check the site length! Also, note there is a list of sites and a map on the website for clarity.

Most come to the rally Friday and head out Tuesday morning to avoid traffic, but come when you can, and stay as long as you like!

Kaibab Lake Campground, 2 miles north of Williams AZ, one of the prettiest campgrounds in the state, with nice, big camp spaces (no hookups), some pull-thru, pine trees, great fishing lake, Ramada, close to town, etc. And the Memorial Day Weekend is the optimum time of year there. Never hot, rarely too cool. And centrally located/interstate access/paved roads to campground.

Beautiful! Last year we had six coaches, 3 potlucks, fun bonfires even though fire restrictions were in place, since we had a propane fire ring, went to farmer’s markets in Williams and Flagstaff, hiked 2 miles around the lake and saw wildlife including eagle’s nest and eaglets, Saturday breakfast in town in which six biked to and the rest drove, and played “High-Density Badminton”!

This year needs it’s activities/attendees planned out. There’s so much to do there, and in the surrounding areas. For starters there’s a world-class tourist destination just an hour’s drive away. We could plan a rim hike or attend one of the guided talks or tour the Kolb Brothers Photography Studio, etc.

Then there’s William’s-centric attractions like Bearizona, the historic buildings self walking tour, and new stuff like The Big Toy Playground, the wine tasting bar, and the Zip Line. Just watching the steam train depart is fun, which they tend to bring out for Memorial Day, and the train museum at the depot is quite nice.

Visit Elk Ridge Ski area, dine at their restaurant or see if they’re running their lift for summer scenic views. There’s also petroglyphs there. Planes of Fame Air Museum is right in town. Deer Farm. Grand Canyon Caverns is just 66 miles away. And Lava River Cave is 1hr, 12 minutes.

Year before last, a few of us went on the posted nature hike, right in the campground, and the Ranger was very knowledgeable and interesting. We walked over the dam toward the Aspen tree-laden meadow, and he told us all about the flora, fauna, and history of the area. He even had a bag full of taxidermy feet of various animals to identify tracking.

Also, there’s lots of things we could consider right in the campground like potlucks with themes, perhaps a breakfast or lunch instead of dinner. Volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, corn hole etc. Charades. “Bring at least one story to the campfire to share”. Tell us your ideas for this year! - But reserve a spot now, as they go fast!


*Updated Apr 1st @ 2200
Tami & I won't be attending this year due to family commitments but you know you'll have fun! ;)

Contact Fred Bellows for Details - geefred@gmail.com


Sites available right now for May 24-27;

A-27 - Van & Toni            04M380    (Phx)
B-25 - Lari & Kathleen      SOB      (Cotton Wood)
D-57 - Bill & Carol          Sprinter  (Phx)
E-70 - Fred & Wendy          Sprinter  (Payson)

Friday1 01-03-2019 03:49 PM

Looks like fun Mike. I am recovering from two back surgeries, hemorrhoid surgery and hernia surgery all in a few months time. It will be a jam to get our bus ready for any summer trips. Doing water therapy to get my back and right leg to work properly at this time. You all have a great time. It looks like fun. I took the left rear brake apart to fix a butched up leaky wheel seal and had to call my neighbor in to do the heavy lifting. Someone didn't have the proper parts so did an RTV repair that didn't work out that well. The drums on this old bus are really heavy and there is a ton of meat in there so it won't have to be turned or replaced. At least at this point I am off daily infusion and can do some work in the shop without waiting for my wife to go somewhere and sneaking out there. She was on my case about everything until the doc said I could lift 30 lbs.

Rick in Ohio

MRPutz 01-04-2019 09:56 AM

Ouch Rick! :eek:

Man don't push the work until you're healed, don't want a relapse! I'm fighting some demons of my own, not with health but with the bus. I'm still working on my engine replacement and between life's interruptions and a few surprises it is going pretty slowly.

But steady wins the race so let's just keep chugging away and hopefully we'll both be back on the road soon. Hope your healing process goes well. ;)

MRPutz 05-23-2019 07:19 PM

Weather is great and roads clear.. snow on the mountains;

Sites available right now for May 24-27;

A-27 - Van & Toni 04M380 (Phx)
B-25 - Lari & Kathleen SOB (Cotton Wood)
D-57 - Bill & Carol Sprinter (Phx)
E-70 - Fred & Wendy Sprinter (Payson)

NoGas 05-23-2019 09:27 PM

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Due to COLD nighttime temps (it snowed there today!), I canceled yesterday and I think Fred/Wendy did too. With perfect sunny 75° Valley of the Sun temps, why go north to fight the Mem Day traffic AND freeze? Am still keeping my high-country reservations for Jun and Jul though :rolleyes:.

Look’n forward to seeing Mike’s rehabbed Putz’n Palace at White Tanks in Nov, even though I know he (and especially Tami) are getting real fond of those pull-behind micro trailers ;) :D.

MRPutz 05-23-2019 11:25 PM

Wow this is a first...

We typically plan this rally to get away from the heat! This year has been a strange one indeed. As you can see that pic Van posted is my incentive to get that engine swap completed in my bus. Looking forward to seeing you all IN PERSON in MY BUS for the November White Tanks Rally. :D

PS.. get your spots now, they are going fast! ;)

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