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Randy Dupree 02-03-2009 10:54 PM

Glenn Rogers,Kenny Rogers,Coachcraft
Today,Glenn called me from Coachcraft,he told me that Kenny is over there with him,Kenny is the service writer.
Glenn is the go to man,you go to him when you need help,in service,in parts,under the hood,whatever!
Glenn told me that they have a 60' paint booth,up and running now for about a month,so they can do any and all paint work,body repair too.
Of course they have a full service shop,they can and will do almost anything.
They have some parts in stock,and can get the rest in a short time.
They also have the stainless side panels like the LXI's have on them,custom ordered of course!
They even have emergency service,if you break down and need help,they will come,as far away as 500 miles or so.
Anyway,thats all the news from Glenn.

patticake 02-03-2009 11:57 PM

All this may be true, but I know of two coaches that they didn't leave plugged in(and
they told the customers that they would) and they were charged for new batteries,
without telling the customers, nor informing them until they arrived to pay the bill!!!!

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