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Randy Dupree 09-24-2008 08:54 AM

post your favorite places to eat
hey,in your travels you all have found a place you always stop at,to get that famous burger,or that awesome pizza.
tell us where you eat,what mile marker and what road its on.
give it up guys!

mynavion 09-24-2008 09:14 AM

When staying at the "Nest" we like to drive down to Yoders just outside of Montezuma on Hwy 26. American food buffet with "home cooked" flavor.....

isp2952 09-24-2008 12:16 PM

Ok I've been waiting for someone to ask this question. Well by far the best place I think I have been is Claim Jumpers. They are primarily out west. I went to a couple in California. The food is outstanding and most people when they leave, leave with a "doggie bag." Only the real hardy eaters don't or the ones that order only a small al carte meal. I consider myself a hardy eater, 6'3" 250#, and I still can't eat it all. The service is outstanding. It is a little pricier than McDonalds but a great place. The last time we ate there the waitress forgot to bring my muffin that came with the meal. I didn't even miss it. She came up and apologized and I told her to forget it. She said she would send the manager over. I again told her to not worry about it. The manager came anyway and before we left he insisted on providing the four of us free dessert. I told him we couldn't possibly eat it, we were too full. When we went to pay there was a box sitting waiting for us. It had a 6 layer chocolate cake in it that must have weighed ten pounds. The cashier said the manager gave it to us with his compliments and regrets. That was the best **** chocolate cake I have ever eaten. It took the four of us three days to finish it. It was as good the last day as the first. It's experiences like that, that you remember and make you want to go back. I just wished they had them around the Great Lakes.

Ed Wimberley 09-24-2008 03:12 PM

In Perry Georgia on highway 41 in town headed north at small strip
of stores on right:hard for RV take toad.
Skipper John's best fried chicken I've ever eaten.
Call ahead they do not pre-cook,30 minute wait.
Yes I WILL stop and get-me some before going to Rats.

RAGster 09-24-2008 09:04 PM

We try to plan our Florida trips to go through Titusville to stop at the Dixie Crossroads for rock shrimp. It is on Garden Street.


Randy Dupree 09-24-2008 09:17 PM

ok,i have never been to any of those places!
keep em coming guys!

rwoody 09-24-2008 09:56 PM

your house
is a good place~!!!!!!!!

also cliff and Barbabra"s

maxton and rats pot lucks~!

panchos in west memphis ar

cracker barrells!

fxdwg 09-25-2008 01:10 AM

Where is panchos in west memphis?

tcandt 09-25-2008 03:50 AM

For those attending the SWBB Flying Flags rally in October, I can recommend two places to try. First, for dinner only, is the Ballard Inn and restaurant. This is not your burger joint. Chef Budi Kazali runs the restaurant. He has spent quality time in top restaurants in San Francisco and Boston, most notably James Beard award winnig Blue Ginger owned by Ming Tsai. Top notch wine list and fantastic 5 starr food. Expensive, reservations required, dinner only. BTW, the Inn is right out of a country picture book. Suites have no TVs or phones. Wine tasting every afternoon offers some of the best small volume wine makers in California. Ballard is between Santa Ynez and Los Olivos, CA about 15 miles from Flying Flags. http://www.ballardinn.com/restaurant.html

The other place open for lunch and dinner is Patrick's Side Street Cafe in Los Olivos - http://www.patrickssidestreetcafe.com/. Patrick is always there when we have eaten lunch making the experience enjoyable. Like all establishments in Santa Ynez Valley, the local wines compliment incredibly delicious food. Once when it was crowded, we sat at the bar overlooking the kitchen and saw how every dish was made. Mouth watering. Organic ingredients prevail here.

At the Flying Flags rally, visit wineries but when you want great food and atmosphere, try these two places.

JackandLiz 09-25-2008 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by Randy Dupree (Post 7493)
hey,in your travels you all have found a place you always stop at,to get that famous burger,or that awesome pizza.
tell us where you eat,what mile marker and what road its on.
give it up guys!

Best barbeque:

Fritze BBQ
926 N Main St, Boerne, TX - (830) 331-9903

Really really good food. We buy 5 lbs. of sliced beef brisket for the freezer. Yum.

Liz Pearce

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