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Lee Davis 12-25-2008 03:01 PM

Aquahot Smoke
In the past I noticed that after non-use for awhile, my Aquahot would belch black smoke and I learned that meant I had a problem and needed either a new nozzle, or new disk and usually my combustion chamber needed cleaning of soot as well. The black smoke would not go away if I left it running and left a big black patch of I assume soot on the ground

Now it is belching white smoke for a minute or two when I start it which disappears and it then works fine with no smoke. Any idea what that is? Unburnt diesel fuel in there perhaps that has to be burned off?

Another minor issue. Sometimes when turning the switch on to start the Aquahot it makes the noise and tries but does not start. In tyhose cases, if I turn it off and wait about 5 minutes and try again, it starts OK. What's with that? Today after running it yesterday it started on the first try.

I have noticed these units are a little temperamental. I had to depress the reset button on one of the Thermostats about five uses ago to get it to start then, but since you have to open two covers to get to that, that's a hassle. But, it seems to be working now without doing that although I sometimes have to go through that turning off procedure first.


Roger Berke 12-25-2008 06:02 PM

RE: Aqua-Hot Smoke

The black smoke is usually the sign of clogged nozzle. The usual repair would be to replace the nozzle AND FUEL FILTER. You should also clean out the combustion chamber. To keep your Aqua-Hot running at optimum, you should run it about every 30 days to keep the diesel fuel from standing in the nozzle. This will make the nozzle last longer.

White smoke is an indication of unburned diesel fuel. Smoke is not normal. There can be many reasons for this probably related to your next problem.

When the diesel portion of your Aqua-Hot starts it goes into a starting sequence. You can read more details on what happens by reading the message here: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/HydronicRVHeating/message/950

If you had to reset one of the thermostats, it probably was the high limit thermostat. You need to find out what caused your unit to overheat.

You will find more information on the Yahoo group that I moderate, here: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/HydronicRVHeating/

- Roger Berke -
2000 Foretravel U320 42ft
Currently in Myrtle Beach, SC headed south along the eastern coast

peteaeonix 12-26-2008 04:24 PM


I found your links helpful -- but I'm not sure which manuals apply to my AquaHot. The model number reads "431/12" on the label (conveniently positioned between compartment doors so It's barely accessible to read)...

I'm guessing that since I have a '95 that the earliest set of manuals (AHE 100-01S for the shop manual) apply -- or are close enough -- as a page-through appears to look a lot like what I have installed.


Roger Berke 12-26-2008 05:15 PM

Aqua-Hot Smoke

Use the AHE-100-01S manual. It is almost identical to your 431/12. You will want the shop manual for repairs and troubleshooting. Aqua-Hot manuals are on their website, here: http://www.aqua-hot.com/b2c/ecom/ecomEnduser/default/ArchievedManuals.aspx

You will find directions on how to do annual service, hints on troubleshooting and other Aqua-Hot information in the “files” area of the Yahoo Hydronic RV Heating Group (link above in my first posting). You will have to join the group to access the files area.

- Roger Berke -
2000 Foretravel U320 42ft
Currently in Myrtle Beach, SC next stop Hilton Head, SC

NH Bill 12-26-2008 06:26 PM

FWIW, I'm passing this on. It may have no relivenece to the Aquahot but, then again it might. As I understand it, the Aquahot is a diesel fired boiler.

I recently installed a new Webasto in our 83 FC. Prior to the installation I was discussing my plan with Webesto Tech support and one of the things they warned me about was that it is very important to have real good electrical connections and to make sure there were no short cuts (undersize wire or lugs etc.) because inadequate or faulty connections could result in smokey operation and poor performance.

I did not see reference to checking/ cleaning electrical connections in this thread.


Roger Berke 12-26-2008 07:12 PM

Aqua-Hot Smoke

As I am sure that you know, the Aqua-Hots are built around a Webasto unit. The Webasto heaters are sensitive to low voltages. The Aqua-Hot units have a pretty robust electrical system. The power (and ground) are wired with #10 wire, which is probably twice a large as they need to be. We have very few problems with bad electrical connections.

The smoking that has been described is usually caused by partially clogged nozzle. Once the diesel burner has started and is running, they will tolerate voltages as low as 11.0 to 11.5 VDC before the motor slows down enough to cause smoke. This is MUCH lower voltage than you should allow your batteries to drop down to.

- Roger Berke -
2000 Foretravel U320 42ft
Currently in Myrtle Beach, SC headed south

Lee Davis 12-28-2008 03:49 PM

Aquahot manual
I sent a note to J Carillo at Aquahot about which manual to use


I had corresponded with him before. I also have a 432/12 in a 1995 BMC.

He said to use the AHE-100-02S manual which you can find on their website (link noted in one of the notes above).

I also understand that black smoke as I noted above is a nozzle, disc, or something else which requires service. I have had service 3 times relatively recently and last time had the recall work done at Bluebird where they removed the insulation and supposedly fixed any diesel fuel leaks. Now as I said, it is blowing white smoke which I think is a diesel fuel leak.

I'm getting a little tired of Aquahots. They seem to be pretty finicky, even if you use them reasonably often. I try to fire mine up at least once a month and run it through the whole cycle whether I need to or not. With any normal piece of equipment, that should be enough. But, I've got the whiter smoke, it does go away in about 2 minutes and burn nice and clean from that point, but its still irritating to think with all this service (evry time $100-200), I still have this kind of stuff happening.

Roger Berke 12-28-2008 04:46 PM

Aqua-Hot Smoke
Lee and Jacque

Have you been replacing the fuel filter when you replace nozzle?

There could be several things that are going wrong with your Aqua-Hot. If I were to guess, I would say that your fuel solenoid is not shutting off completely or immediately as it is supposed to. This allows some diesel fuel to remain in the burning chamber, so the next time the unit runs, the excess diesel fuel burns off causing white smoke.

Generally the Aqua-Hots just sit in the basement and make all of the hot water that you want them to. However when there is a difficult problem like yours, it is probably not a do-it-yourself or untrained technician type job. If you let me know where you are or what your direction of travel is, I can make recommendation for service.

- Roger Berke -
2000 Foretravel U320 42ft
Currently in Myrtle Beach, SC headed south

Lee Davis 12-28-2008 05:02 PM

Aquahot smoke

Check this out.


We signed up for this BB locator deal (free) and it is pretty cool. As you can see, We will be in Rockport TX until Late Jan when we will be starting east to be in South GA in mid Feb, FL panhandle after that until it gets warm, then up to east TN where we used to live to see the doctors and friends for a month around April.

Check out the link. You may want to be on this thing as well.


Lee Davis 12-28-2008 05:06 PM

Aquahot smoke

I forgot to answer your question. The last service before the recall we replaced the nozzle, fuel filter, and disc. It ran great the first time or two and then a time or two after the recall service done in Ft Valley. Now it's smoking white. But as I said, it clears up in about 2 min and then works great. Is there any danger in doing nothing right now until something else happens?


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