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Dr Miller 07-04-2017 11:05 AM

Central Coach Dallas-Ft. Worth
I posted this a few years ago....They are a Bus Charter and repair facility located in Grand Prarie, Texas off GW Bush Turnpike near DFW Airport, Shady Grove Rd exit.

They run and operate about 20 Prevost and Bluebird buses....very familiar with 8V92 and Allison transmissions.

Since 2013, they have done all my heavy chassis work, Brakes, Drums, Spring brakes, Airbags, Radiator, belts, hoses, generator motor mounts, lubrication, etc.., items I cannot do without a pit.....Charles is the Shop Manager, Lucas is the Gen Mgr., labor rate $75 hour.

I have been very happy with their work, I do keep my Bus nearby so I usually drop it off for a week, they do not have hook ups.....and it is a not a pristine shop, but they have never messed up my interior. I lay down lots of towels from steps to drivers seat.

They will allow you to buy your own parts and ship in, which has save me considerable amounts over the years.

My Bus has 238,000 miles and running strong, thanks to these guys.....they know me well...mention my name....and they love Bluebirds

Central Coach. 972-399-1059

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