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WanderAggie 10-20-2019 12:32 PM

Perkins Injection Pump Leak
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So, I solved one problem and created another.

I had some problems with fuel delivery and installed a Facet pump to help the main engine injection pump. In the process of warming the bus up and checking everything over, I noticed a somewhat significant puddle forming under the genset. Upon further investigation I found that injection pump on the Perkins to be leaking. apparently the positive fuel pressure has made a previous problem much more obvious.

I haven't found much here on this issue, but it appears to be fairly common with these pumps. Anyone experienced this? Can I rebuild the top of the injection pump with it still on the engine? It is two seals on the throttle rod, two on the kill rod (to shut the fuel off so it will quit running), and one on the housing. Has anyone had success replacing these seals without removing the heat exchanger directly above it? If replaced will they seal up well enough to not leak with the positive fuel pressure?

Note - the generator is not running. The leak is from the facet pump providing pressure to the injection pump on the generator.

Any help is appreciated. I have attached a couple pictures for reference.

arcaidy 10-20-2019 02:41 PM

My pump leaks. It and the generator head are the "big things" to fix next on my bus to fix. I dug a bit in to info on the pump and found the most info for it on sailboat and tractor forums... It doesn't appear to be cheap to replace or fix. There is a guy on you tube who shows you how to rebuild it. The rebuild kit is cheap enough.
I plan to get rebuilt injectors when I do the pump.
Curious to know what you find.

cemjam 10-20-2019 05:00 PM


I just had my injectors rebuilt and pump seals replaced. I was able to take the injectors out and send them off for rebuild. Text me Monday and I will give you the information needed. All work completed in Richmond TX.

WanderAggie 10-29-2019 10:36 AM

Fixed - Not a bad rebuild
I thought I would give you the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say.

The heat exchanger does have to come off to get to the top of the CAV injection pump on a Perkins. But it actually came off pretty easy. It is still a bit tight in there, but if you remove the fuel lines you can get the top of the injection pump apart. The rebuild itself is straight forward and only took about 30 minutes. Four o-rings, a base gasket, and new gaskets on the top nuts. The hardest part is getting the new o-rings into place. Then all back together and the fuel lines reconnected. I crossed one of the fuel lines and had to run a die over it to clean up the threads, but once that was done everything went back together. Once back together my leak stopped and we are back on the road.

One thing to note - I had read on another post that the return line can get blocked and cause the injection pump to leak. So before I rebuilt the top of the pump I blew out the return line to be sure it was clear.

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