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innovative1 07-22-2009 12:28 PM

SAT Service, Charlotte NC
NAME OF BUSINESS: Cordell Satellite Sales and Service


web address: http://www.cordellsatellitesales.com


BUSINESS CONTACT PERSON: Lawrence or Larry Cordell
Lawrence's e-mail: mohotogo@cs.com

WHAT ARE THEIR HOURLY REPAIR RATES: Appears to be $50 hr travel. About $95 for field service


WHAT KIND OF SERVICE, OR REPAIR WAS DONE: Coach was purchased with a 1995 era Executive SAT SYSTEM with a very out of date Controller/Sony Receiver arrangment. Purchased a Nomad 3 Controller and could not get it working. It would pass self test but would not acquire SAT 101. Received no transponder signal. I tested cables and connections and could not isolate an issue myself. I was going to be in Gaffney SC for a couple of days and it would be about as close as I would come to their jurisdiction for a while so I called in the professionals. Larry Cordell came out to the competition site and proceed to trouble shoot in a very professional manner. In less than an hour he had isolated the issue internal to the dish mount. Really minor internal cableing repair and honestly I think if I had been doing it mysel I would have most likely replaced the LNB needlessly which I also feel a lesser service might have too.

REASON YOU RECOMMEND, OR AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM: Really good folks to deal with. A real family operation that seems to take a lot of pride in what they do. Incidently, they also do a lot of the SAT COM work for NASCAR Teams and actually set up shop at speed weeks in Datona to take care of maintenance work for several teams. They also seem to have a couple of routes they run pretty regularly in the Southeast as well. So if you are in Florda in those time frames it might be a good opportunity to get work done. MOTO SAT suggested Cordell to me when I was troubleshooting my old controller. They did not steer me wrong. They are a MOTO SAT Dealer but don't limit themselves to that product line and appear to be very service oriented. I think they really try to furnish the best solution for what you are tring to do.

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