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MRPutz 01-25-2018 11:18 AM

Neutek LED Business Opportunity
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Hello All,

Kelly at Neutek contacted me and wanted to know if I was interested in selling his RV stock of bulbs. He's getting out of the RV bulb business and concentrating on commercial truck lighting and sewing machine lighting.

He indicated he had about $10,000 in excess inventory which consist mostly of 12v B15 based frosted bulbs and vanity lighting. I'm not a business man, and have no interest (personally nor financially) in this but promised I'd throw this out there to the WOG.

The brand is called "TruBulb" and pic is attached. It's a frosted class lens that looks good and distributes a nice even light. They come in two colors & two lengths for our longer bayonet fixtures, overheads, storage bays, etc.

The TruBulbâ„¢ Difference
* True soft light, no annoying LED dots
* True glass and metal construction
* Truely designed and assembled in USA.
* True Philips Quality LED technology UL listed
* Truely worry free Lifetime Warranty
* True Color Rendering hues
* True electronic protection design
* Truely from a real LED company
* Truely Limited Edition

If interested call or text Kelly at 602.321.090zero and let him know you are with the Wanderlodge Group. ;)

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