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iamflagman 05-23-2009 11:01 PM


In order to make thing easier for our members and we Administrators, we have decided to create a NEW MEMBERS ONLY forum, that basically will be the Wanderlodge_all forum, If you are not already a member of the Wanderlodge_all forum you can easily join it by clicking on the link below.

http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...96d8d5f3c1.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...96d8d641bf.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f457629822.gifhttp://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f459ec8345.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f45ca2cc36.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f47b550924.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f48193c6bd.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f48562bf36.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f488781664.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f54bf90b35.gifhttp://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f4933b71c2.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...285e82bf40.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...6d72912178.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...6d7c6d7b4f.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...6d7e15d360.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f8fdecff3e.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f9063aefc8.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f923d959ef.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f9268a7a72.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f929512b9f.gif http://www.scsportscar.com/uploads/s...f95206a9c9.gif

So if you need to rant, spout off, tell that off color joke, or do anything that isn't allowed on the other Wanderlodge Owners Group forums, because it doesn't follow the Wanderlodge Owners Group Guidelines this is the place to go. THERE ARE NO GUIDELINES HERE IN THIS FORUM, and with "ANYTHING GOES" type of postings, some of the topics discussed here may be offensive to some people, so keep this in mind when viewing.

So if you are easily offended by this type of material, this may not be the type of threads and posts that you want to read, so don't complain about its content if you happen to wander down here. You will not see any of the messages posted here listed on the Wanderlodge Owners Group Forum, but you can either read the messages by going to View The "Members Only Area" or sign up for the email delivery over there.

Please don't ask any technical questions here, to get those answers to your "TECHNICAL QUESTIONS" please go to the main forums of the Wanderlodge Owners Group Forum. Please do not disclose personal information on the Internet!

We as Administrators may move some Threads and Posts that don't confirm with our Wanderlodge Owners Group Guidelines down here to this Members Only Area (Questionable Content)

If you are already a member of the Wanderlodge_all forum and have read the warnings above, just click on View The "Members Only Area"

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