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dentmac 12-16-2008 10:00 PM

The End or extended season shutdown?
December 12,2008.
Anyone actually talked to someone at the CCW plant in Georgia this week?

Stephen 12-17-2008 12:42 AM

Yes I did Monday December 15
A Real parts person

warbucks13477 12-17-2008 01:57 AM

Dentmac what is your interest in CCW since you live in Canada? Do you have a Bluebird Coach? And why are you worrying about the end of CCW or if they are on vacation? Do you know something that we dont?:confused:

iamflagman 12-17-2008 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by warbucks13477 (Post 11178)
Dentmac what is your interest in CCW since you live in Canada? Do you have a Bluebird Coach? And why are you worrying about the end of CCW or if they are on vacation? Do you know something that we dont?:confused:

He has a 2006 450 LXi

warbucks13477 12-17-2008 07:30 PM

John it is difficult enough attempting to help forum members that do follow your many posts of ending the post with the name of the poster, location and year and model of coach that the poster has. But when I click on this post all I find at the end is nothing. I then looked at the profile and could not find a thing to tell me the information. :confused:

So what is the purpose etc of posting this information after CCW got upset the last time this went on? In my opinion it serves no useful purpose. People that own M450 coaches better pray every day that CCW does not close the Ft Vally plant even temporarily or refuse to carry out work on the recall campaign which they can legally do. This whole thing about the M450 and M380 is a bucket of worms and I for one would not touch either one of them. Will be interesting to see what kind of shape these coaches are in in 20 years. Already they are having more problems then the 80's FC and PTs that BB made.

mneshati2 12-17-2008 08:07 PM

Holiday Plant Shutdown
Dear Friends, Please be advised of the following:

December 15, 2008

To our valued Customers and Supplier Partners

In keeping with the Spirit of the Holiday Season, the Express and BlueBird Wanderlodge manufacturing operations will be shutdown beginning December 19th and will resume operations on January 5th to allow our associates the opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones.

During these two weeks there will be some minimal staffing for plant maintenance and upkeep and of course the Birds Nest will still be accessible.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support and wish you our best wishes for a Healthy and Prosperous Holiday Season and Good Fortune for 2009.

dentmac 12-17-2008 09:28 PM

Holiday closure ONLY
I apologize for not properly signing the post. My error .(My profile lists the coach)
As a 450 LXi owner with significant issues, I have always wished the best success for CCW in spite of Blue Bird. CCW is doing everything it can for the owners as DIRECTED by and funded by Blue Bird.
The new Wanderlodge by CCW is a coach that I would be pleased to own.

I had information from a significant individual and company that the plant had closed. There was no indication of a holiday closure in that information.
A closure of the Georgia plant could create serious personal problems.
I posted a question suggesting a holiday closure, in the hope of getting some answers quickly.
Hindsite, which is 20 - 20: I should have called Macy.

I have since learned that the plant is closed ONLY for the holiday period. That is good. I have sent the source of the erroneous information a correction.

Ross MacKillop
2006 450LXi
Wiarton Ontario

dog, Bella
Parrot, Riley

marvjeanm380 12-17-2008 09:47 PM


I need to take issue with what you say. I don't know a thing about the 450 other than I have seen them as shows etc. I don't know a lot about M380s. I have had one for 5 years and have driven it 58K with very few issues after the first 4 or 5 months. Those issues were addressed without any hesitation of questions by the factory.

The coach is an absolute pleasure to drive. I have driven 450 or 500 miles in a day and then go out for dinner. I am not saying I was not tired but I was certainly not as tired as having driven my 82FCRB all day.

The "issues" that people keep alluding to are many time caused by people not understanding the coach. Like with any computerized piece of equipment you must operate them using methodical steps or the equipment won't work. I know that a lot of my initial problems were MY fault and not the fault of the coach.

I think many of the problem with some of the new owners is that they did not give themselves time to get up to speed on operating the M380 before giving up and then bad mouthing the coach.

Just my two cents.

Randy Dupree 12-17-2008 10:28 PM

Ross,i too heard those same rumors.
i just sat and waited,hoping the real story would come out,as it did.
But,if i had your investment,i would not have been waiting so quietly!
Marv,your right,i have heard very little about 380 probelms.

warbucks13477 12-18-2008 01:13 AM

Randy the point that I have consistently made and that has been recognized by Macy Neshati is always ask those closest to the problem which in this case is macy. He has posted his phone number (how many other people even forum members have done this....oops I have?) and his email address (again how many forum members have done this...oops again I have?) and he has guaranteed an answer.

As for the M450 and M380. If either of you have not personally witnessed the problems that both have had then you just arent looking close enough. The M380 had many problems with its skins stretching and causing wrinkles the length of the body and other problems. As for the M450, lose of an air compressor in the middle of the road on the way from Atlanta, GA on a coach with less then a 1000 miles on it, both inverters blew up in the birds nest (same coach next day), Aqua hots that didnt work and delivered only cold water and that had been serviced multiple times by the factory just to name ones that I have witnessed. The M450 electrical components is a nightmare for even factory people to work on. And I am not talking about CCW but the previous owners and designers.

However with that said I agree that many of the present problems with all BB coaches is that many owners just will not take the time to read and understand the owners manuals. First some had the excuse that they did not have the manuals, so Macy gave the ones they had to us free. So there is no longer an excuse for that.

Ross I see you have a 2006 M450 and you love it and its reliable, knock on wood and hope it stays that way. For I guarantee you that if CCW stops working on them you are going to have a real headache for who will support them then? In fact who even has all of the electrical diagrams etc for the 2006 M450 and M380 coach? Do you have the owners manuals and schematics? The last manual that I have is for the 2005 M450LXI and I have to admit it is one of the best factory manuals that I have seen. Even better then the ones for the 1980's coaches. The 2005 manual even has (I believe) all of the electrical schematics that I would need to maintain the coach. If you have the manual for the 2006 M450LXI and it is the same as the ones for the 2004 and 2005 then you are in business.

Hope you drive your 2006 M450 a million miles without a single defect and I mean that. Good luck

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