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WTarrier 09-04-2009 04:20 PM

HWH Service Center, Stuarts Service in Elkhart, Indiana
Been having some issues with one jack on my HWH system. Talked to the service department at the factory and they were leaning to replacing the whole jack ($$$$$$). Rather than a trip to Iowa, I tried one of their Master Service providers. Talked to Stuarts Service in Elkhart, Indiana. A few minutes on the phone with the owner and he was convinced it was just the pressure switch on the jack. He ordered one and called me when it was in. I drove the coach there yesterday (about 5 minutes off the Indiana Turnpike-right across for the airport). They did some trouble-shooting and discovered it was a wiring issue (on a Bluebird-hard to imagine). Somewhere between the control box in the forward storage bay and the right rear jack the connection was broken. It was simpler to run a new wire and it works like new. Less than $250.00. I felt I had a bargain.
If your HWH is acting up, I suggest giving them a call. I figure they saved me a lot based on what the factory was saying.:)
Sturarts Service
28871 County Road 6 West
Elkhart, In 46514
800 826-6267 or 574 262-0225

Lee Davis 09-04-2009 05:29 PM

I have always had great service from HWH. Replacing a jack if that had been the problem might not have been that bad. I had one leaking and they sent a rebuilt one to a service facility for about $170 (they don't send rebuild kits I believe due to potential liability) and I paid about an hour labor to put it in. And based on my experience at HWH, if the wiring was the problem, they would have found it.

The service facility forgot to put the pressure switch in from the old jack and we continued to have problems at certain times so when we went to visit our daughter who lives close to HWH we went by there. HWH uncovered the problem and they spent about an hour on it, and put the pressure switch in at no charge.

Its nice you found a good service facility. The guys at HWH said that a lot of their "certified" service facilities unfortunately are not that good because they said its hard to really do enough training . They weren't saying that because they wanted all the work to come to them, you could tell they just were unhappy their service locations in general didn't do better.

Maybe other people have had bad experiences there, but we've been there 3 times with different problems and I have always thought they were knowledgeable and very reasonable pricewise.

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