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jerrymcd 04-08-2016 11:50 AM

John I just found this post and want you to know you and Fran. Are in my thughts and prayers . Reta

jvredden 04-08-2016 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by birds_first (Post 334866)
Thanks for all the good words; I just wanted to post an update. We had the lung biopsy done a week ago this past Friday and we went to get the sutures removed yesterday and got word on the pathology report. No Cancer was detected, but I do have heavy lung scaring from past transgressions and now severe emphysema. I guess a few poor life choices and ignorance caught up to me. I have not smoked in over 20 years, and when I did smoke I may have smoked for a total of 10 – 15 years. (RJR - Salem smokes, it was stupid, I got addicted to that cool menthol taste). We have another appointment in April to discuss potential long term treatment options, but eventually I may require supplemental oxygen. When I was released from the hospital they gave me a prescription for Oxycodone, well if the oxy was not going to kill me Fran was, it made me see weird stuff and I was a royal pain in her @$$, but I be a good boy now.

Glad you dodged the big "C"
is your diagnosis emphysema or COPD.
M brother has had COPD for years and has done well. Travels in their RV to Mexico for months at a time. Need to be a good boy and do as Dr says. In )% was in car accident. I second the experience with narcotics. I was crazy as a bedbug and didnt remember being a complete jerk.( but was told I was good at it)

Our prayers are with you

John and Wanda Redden

DTW1086@cox.net 04-08-2016 02:39 PM

John and Fran,
Thoughts and prayers are with you both.
Something I thought about. Has anybody mentioned, thought about or tested for Valley Fever? It is a Southwest thing and unheard of in much of the rest of the world, but you have spent enough time in the southwestern U.S. to have picked it up. Only takes one dust storm. Basically it is a fungus that grows in the lungs. Talk to your Dr. about it and get them to at least research it and test for it.

Dave W.

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