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cdamen 05-19-2015 09:20 PM

Roe and I are praying for your recovery.

KCSS 05-19-2015 09:35 PM

Prayers heading your way :):):)

dlefty 05-19-2015 09:38 PM

John, so sorry to hear of this! :( I will send my prayers and hope you recover fast!!

CWDLB62 05-19-2015 10:14 PM

John my wife and I will keep you in our prayers my you have a quick recovery

Rick 05-19-2015 11:28 PM

John, You know you and Fran are in our thoughts. Were all thinking good thoughts for your speedy recovery.

EHanska 05-19-2015 11:48 PM

John, you and Fran are in our prayers. Hugs.

Dieselbird01 05-20-2015 12:44 AM

Nancy and I will also be praying for your speedy recovery.

Gregg Kizer 05-20-2015 07:05 AM


Hard to believe what I have been reading...(about your health issue):mad:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, sir!!!

atckip 05-20-2015 07:18 AM

John, you and Fran are in our thoughts. Positive thoughts coming your way

thudpilot1 05-20-2015 07:46 AM

Our prayers are with you!

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