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iamflagman 05-31-2008 06:47 AM

50AMP Shore Power Cord Repair/Replacement
It seems that there are different configurations of power cords that have eventually ended up in our 'Birds, some came from the factory and some were made up out of necessity by the previous owners and unfortunately especially for the NEWBY it can be very confusing, if there is no documentation that came with their new to them 'Bird. what I will try to do here is explain as best as I can the differences in the shore power cords and related equipment that came with my 'Bird and that I have ended up purchasing or making for my 'Bird.

My 'Bird came with a 50 amp power cord and it has "6/3 8/1 FOR MOBILE HOME USE" molded into the rubber covering, with the female twist lock end that attachés to the 'Bird and the 4 prong male plug that attachés to the 50 amp shore power receptacle, it also came with two 30 amp cords, with female twist lock ends that attach to the 'Bird and 3 prong male plugs that attach to the shore power 30 amp receptacle.


I carry a 30 amp extension cord that I purchased at Wal Mart and I also built a 50 amp extension cord to carry with me.

Originally the two 30 amp cords were used to power the two separate sides of the breaker panel, or some people would connect the two 30 amp cords to separate 30 amp receptacles located close to each other, but I have removed the wiring for the two 30 amp receptacles on my 'Bird and now I use what is sometimes referred to as a DOG BONE adapter to attach my 50 amp electrical cord to a 30 amp campground receptacle.

It splits the 30 amp so that it will power both sides of your breaker panel and they are available at most RV supply store and I have even seen them in the rv section of the automotive department at Wal mart, or you can purchase them online from places like http://www.tweetys.com/index.asp?Pag...OD&ProdID=7648

You will have to keep in mind that you will have to be more careful about power management when you use this, as it will not give you enough power on each leg to use everything, just look on your breaker panel and see what is locate on each side, to give you an idea of what you can use. I normally use my center roof airconditioner, the water heater and the battery charger and it seems to handle that load with no problem, however I have modified my 'Bird to operate the TV's, Satellite dish and receiver, two 14 inch fans and the microwave off of the inverter which is powered by eight Trojan golf cart batteries, the fans help to circulate the cold air.

I have heard of some 'Bird owners that have a longer extension cord made up similar to the adapter above, some with 50 amp style cords, or 30 amp style cords used with the appropriate ends attached.

Here is a source for the 50 amp female connector that goes into the 'Birds receptacle.
http://www.electric-supplier.com/img...4/FW324123.jpg CONNECTOR: 600 VAC/250 VDC; 50 AMPERE; 3 POLE; 4 WIRE; GROUNDING; METAL SHELL; CORD SIZE 0.68 TO 1.125 INCH; APPROVAL UL, CSA; HART-LOCK[R] BRAND

RV Electric Service, Connections and Basic Information
Installing a 30 or 50-amp RV Electric Service Note: If you would like to install a SERVICE for your RV make sure you understand basic wiring. It is not that hard as long as you follow the rules.

Check out these posts by our forum members cheater precautions?? they can be found under Electrical

JHess 01-16-2009 12:28 PM

50 amp cable
my bird didnt come *** a 50 amp cable and im looking to build or by one. does anyone know where to get the male end of the twist lock. can i buy anew complete cable any where, does anyone have a used one they would like to sell?
thanks jeremy

fxdwg 01-16-2009 01:31 PM

I'm pretty sure I've seen the twist lock end in Home Depot and/or Lowes.

marvjeanm380 01-16-2009 01:44 PM

50 Amp Cable

Camping World in Fife has the cords on the shelf. A 30 footer is $150.00. They might also have the plugs.

Glad to hear of another Bird in Washington.

fxdwg 01-16-2009 02:43 PM

I looked at the 2 websites and neither listed the correct plug. Home Depot didn't list any plugs and Lowes only listed a 30A version. That is probably what I saw, the 30A one.

JHess 01-16-2009 03:13 PM

ihave tried all the hardware stores, 2 rv places, camping world, and even cheched at my local electrical supply store. none have the correct connector.
im trying to avoid redoing the receptical in the bus.

jyclegg 01-16-2009 03:56 PM

West Marine stocks them.

Bill Pape 01-16-2009 04:17 PM

Try this link it may help


iamflagman 01-16-2009 04:49 PM

50AMP Shore Power Cord Repair/Replacement
2 Attachment(s)
The original female plug as seen at the right, is a Arrow Hart, Hart Lock, 50A 240V DC, 50A 600V AC, EQ Grounded. Arrow Hart is now manufactured by Leviton the replacement plug is the (Arrow Hart: AN) Leviton 7764-C

Make note of the recessed grounding area on the original plug on the right and the Leviton on the left.

They are both TWIST LOCK style plugs that have to be inserted straight in and then twisted clockwise to lock or hold the plug in place.

The female plug end is available at; http://www.galesburgelectric.com/Leviton-7764C-50-Amp-250-Volt-DC-600-Volt-AC-3-Pole-Locking-C-p-2510.html

The 50 amp shore power cord can be found at commercial electrical supply stores. You will need a 50 AMP, 4 wire, AWG: 6/3 + 8/1 cord they are sold as a Mobile Home / RV power Cord. They also can be found at RV supply stores and at some Wal Marts in the Auto/RV supply department as 50AMP RV extension cords, you will need to cut the female end of the cable off and then replace it with the replacement Leviton 7764-C end.


One of the forum members came up with this link and it is very similar to the original style and construction;

Hubbell 50 Ampere 125/250 Volt for Female Plug HBL63CM64

Nickel plated brass connector body has a heat resistant thermoset interior and combination metal and rubber cord grip, which provides superior strain relief capability.

It can be purchased at;

iamflagman 01-16-2009 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by JHess (Post 12762)
ihave tried all the hardware stores, 2 rv places, camping world, and even cheched at my local electrical supply store. none have the correct connector.
im trying to avoid redoing the receptical in the bus.


Also check out 50AMP Shore Power Cord Repair/Replacement

I also believe that you have misspelled the name of your hometown in your signature.

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