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Dennis 12-30-2009 04:27 PM

Front Slide - Manually retracting
The other day I was parked in a very strong wind. Interestingly the wind pushed the front slide in about 6 inches and the electronic read out indicated the retraction was halted. When the wind stopped I tried extending the slide, but could not. I then retracted it and then extended it and all was well. The reason I write this is because it has been said on this site that the front slide can be retracted WITHOUT having to disassemble the mechanical slide operating mechanism and this wind eposode gives me faith that it can be done. Has anyone on this list found out the way to release the front slide (and rear for that matter - although the wind did not move the rear slide) so that it can be pushed in by hand?

Always learning...



lnchaffin 12-30-2009 05:05 PM


Some have disagreed with me when I say "The M380 Living Room slide does not lock in the extending position". I have have exposed the mechanisms on both sides of the slide and looked/watched how the slide works going in and out. It is very obvious how it locks when retracted but I can see nothing that will lock it in extended position. There can be only one of two possibilities. Either it does not lock when it goes out or there is something wrong with my slide. After physically looking at how it works and not guessing I will have to say mine does not lock.

I have done this many times and works every time. Just go dump the air to the seal with the dump valve. Don't do anything else but make sure seal is deflated. Now, walk outside stand in the middle of slide and just push it in. It will stop in the correct place and lock. It doesn't take a lot of force to push it in if coach is level.

You can't do this with the rear slide because it moves with a electric screw motor. I guess if you had several guys on ladders you could all push on it and force motor to turn but one man can not or at least I can't. Both slides are free floating rooms on linear bearings. The front slide has mechanical stops to keep it from moving too far. Rear slide would go in or out too far if sensors fail to stop it.

Dennis 12-30-2009 05:22 PM

Lloyd, your comments are exactly what I was hoping to hear. I am still traveling, but when I get home I will print your previous comments on where to find the air tank and dump valve and give it a try. I guess the wind was so powerful and it was gusting hard, that it pushed some of the air out of the tank perhaps through a relief valve.

In a previous post I sort of remember either you or Marv saying you can retract the rear slide beyond flush to service the seal by triping the service switch and then retracting the slide using the normal retract button; do I have that correct?

It is my understanding that the front slide can only be retracted beyond flush to expose the seal by disassembling/unbolding the retracting mechanism. Is that your understanding?

I am just finishing a 3 week trip and it has given me some time to learn more about the Coach. Since I have almost no time in my normal working routine I don't get the learning/exploration time I would like and so appreciate you and those on this list giving me the insights I need to learn how to take care of the M380. It has been an expensive learning experience, but when everything works it is a pleasure.

BTW, my awning has been working normally on its own for most of this trip.



jcarrolljr 12-30-2009 11:16 PM

The rear slide operates with a jack screw. An Acme Thread I think and has to have electrics to move it in either direction. The front slide locks in but not out. As stated it can be retracted by pushing from the outside by hand after dumping the air. It helps if you raise the left side of the coach with the leveling jacks by operating them in the manual mode to make the coach "list" to the right.


jcarrolljr 12-30-2009 11:26 PM

Also, where was that wind? Were you in Oklahoma?


Dennis 12-31-2009 12:55 AM

Thanks John for the information. I was camped at The Springs at Borrego which is located in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California just East of San Diego and West of the Salton Sea. One day of wind; 7 days of outstanding weather, sunny and warm during the day and cool/cold at night.


Fnap 09-23-2010 03:52 PM

I couldn't find a lock for the front slide when extended either. I noticed this because at the time the slide would creep in a little bit sometimes. At the time the 12 volt compressor was unpugged because it needed rebuilt,"it was running all time and not putting out any pressure at all". I am not sure but it seems like air pressure in the cylinders might be keeping it out.

I found that it locks when retracted only when the engine is started or the master switch is turned off. And then stays that way until the room is moved again. Not sure if thats normal, but I think it is.

Shutting off the valve in the air control box would probably unlock it when extended if it does have one. Plus would release air in the cylinders allowing you to push it in, I have done that many times.

Does yours have four buttons on the controld panel? The right two are for service, so that you can work on the seal. I misunderstood the message "Not in Travel Position" when I first tried those two buttons on the right. It means it has to be locked and ready for travel down the road before it will come in farther than normal to work on the seal.

I found that out when I repaired a bad seal leak at the bottom where the seal joins together.

Hope this helps, I had to find out the hard way.

dmatz 09-23-2010 08:36 PM

I had the same problem with my m380. When the wind blew against the the slide it would move in even if we were sitting on couch. It was fixed at BB factory and the seal had a leak. It was repaired with crazy glue and was fine for a year that I still had the coach. Place the slide in ten service position and inflate I bet you find a leak in seal. They are not cheap 3k or so if you can repair it is worth it!

P7rancher 09-23-2010 10:09 PM

Is the $3000 just for the seal or does that include installation? Also, do you know who makes the seal?


dmatz 09-25-2010 07:25 PM

BB told me that a new seal installed was 3k. The week before they closed they did not have one. I believe Parliament has ordered them they are made in batches by the manufacture. I do not know who that is. I would call them to get the cost of a seal.

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