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Randy Dupree 04-19-2009 08:51 PM

Shanes alternator belt alignment(or lack of)
Shane called me on friday nite,and left a nice message about his 85PT40's alternator belts.
it seems his pulleys are a little misaligned and the belts fail in about 10,000 miles.

Shane,i had this same problem on an 84PT40,the drive pulley on the engine is not adjustable.
What i think has happened is the alternator has been changed at some point and the wrong pulley has been installed.
Sometimes theres a small spacer between the pulley and the fan,that spacer may be too wide,causing the alignment problem.

Its been years since i fixed the problem on my coach,and i think i fixed it by using a thinner spacer,and by turning the shoulder on the pulley off in the lathe.
getting the correct spacer and pulley may be a hard job.

jdarst 04-20-2009 12:27 AM

Alt Pulley
The alternator pulley I used with my Leece NeVille Alternator was Item#1962567. I do not know what the part number is, but you could contact Effingham Truck Sales at 217-342-9761 and order 1. I paid $18.34 for the pulley.

sfedeli 04-20-2009 05:47 AM

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Thanks Randy and Jay. I was able to locate a pulley on Friday that fit the new alternator and has deeper grooves and a larger diameter. It is also machined, rather than being cast iron. Locally, it was sold under part #24-1500 for $20. The Leece Neville Part Number is 73981. The original pulley that the old Delco alternator had was very small and cast iron- probably because the old alternator was not self-exciting and had to spin alot faster. The 2800JB Leece Neville (Prestolite) unit does not require high RPM's to put out full voltage. The new pulley is about 3/4 inch larger in diameter and accommodates belts up to 1/2". The one that originally was on the bird only fit 3/8" belts. I'm still at a loss as to why the alternator appears to not be spinning in the same "plane" as the engine pulley and is off by a few degrees. My alternator mount does not appear to be wallowed out and other components are all tight. Replacing the pulley on the engine will be my next step if the belts continue to wear out. Even 3/8" belts seem to ride high in the grooves on the engine pulley. Part numbers for that unit would be great!! Here is the photo of the new pulley.

Randy Dupree 04-20-2009 07:58 AM

one thing you need to watch on a pulley that has deep grooves (the deep groves allow you to use a 3/8 belt or a 1/2 belt) is the grooves are further apart.
they may make your alignment problem worst.
your belts may be spread out at the alt. now.
i believe you may need to machine the back off the pulley.
the larger pulley should give you more belt life.

sfedeli 04-20-2009 08:06 AM

Good Point- thought of that yesterday, so I took the old Delco alternator (my "spare") with the old pulley and measured from the centerline of the old pulley back to the base of the foot on the alternator. The centerline on the new pulley matched that distance exactly. The front belt (furthest from the fan) appears to be inclined slightly away from the alternator, but the one closest to the fan appears to be true. Time will tell!

warbucks13477 04-20-2009 12:13 PM

Shane if you are using a Leece-Neville alternator which I strongly suggest then the pully on the Detroit diesel is not the problem. Then problem is either in the way the alternator is mounted (did someone in the past haul on it and bend the adjustment rod?),or the position of the belts on the LN. Mine works perfectly as many others do and that tells me its not the DD pully. Concentrate on the LN and find the problem. One thing...I dont believe you want a machined pully with deeper groves on the pully as Randy says for the belts on the LN will be further apart.

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