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WRVAlpine 01-20-2020 11:54 PM

Our Alpine vs M450....Truly Apples and Oranges
Greg did a comparison of his 99LXI vs his 450. Here is our comparison of the M450 vs our 2000 Alpine Coach.

First off the interior noise level of the BB is much less than the Alpine. In fact the noise level at 60mph and 80mph (just for a moment) are almost the same. Not in the Alpine. Patty says she could take a nap in the bedroom in the BB....not possible in the Alpine, way too much road and mechanical noise.
The BB GVW is 25,000 pounds more than our 36' Alpine. 3000 pounds short of twice the weight. The weight difference is very evident. The BB handles more like I would imagine a Rolls Royce would....a cruiser. I would compare the Alpine as a V-6 Camaro or Mustang. The Alpine has a much greater power to weight ratio. 1.178 hp per 100 pounds vs the BB at .99 hp per 100 pounds. And at the much lower weight it changes direction much faster and stops faster....as expected.
However, after 1700 miles from Phoenix to Indy the BB was far and away a much more comfortable coach to drive. Solid....Steady....Supple.....Arrow straight.

Maybe I might miss the Alpine on two lane twisty roads, but we have no doubt that the BB is hands down a superior coach, as it should be.

We will really enjoy this coach....after my apprenticeship is over:)

One more thing, the Alpine can't play Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman as we drove down the interstate at Christmas time:D. Are the grandsons going to have fun! Hope we don't get arrested for being a nuisance!!

susanmarycamilleri 01-21-2020 09:47 PM

Thanks for the write up. It is good to hear that people are happy with their Blue Birds. When I talk to some people they think a 1996 coach it really old, but I can say I would rather have this bus rather then any other RV that is not top drawer like this one.
Thanks again for your perspective.

WRVAlpine 01-21-2020 11:44 PM

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I truly think the M450's are way undervalued. Patty's and my plan is to own this bus for 15 years, by then we might be ready to get off the road. As they age with no problems (isn't 15 years enough proof?) I hope they will hold value. But when it is 30 years old I won't be too concerned.
I do know we have a heck-of-a-coach for the money compared to what is/was out there at our purchase price point.

Your '96 maybe old in years, but with BB construction, a 5 year old coach doesn't compare. We rode in a '97 just a week before we bought the 450. The integrity of the chassis, exterior paint, ride quality and lack of rattles and squeaks was amazing.
Travel safe.

bryanaltier 01-22-2020 07:40 AM

Good write up Tom looking forward to seeing y’all and your 450 at a rally. Are you thinking about WOG in October in Pine Mountain GA. See you soon!

Bill Pape 01-22-2020 08:47 AM

Congratulations and thanks for your 450 comparison & inputs these last several weeks

Prof_T 01-24-2020 08:08 PM

As others have said thanks for the write up and comparison. I appreciate it.

My father owned 7 coaches in his life time and his first diesel pusher was an Alpine. I can't remember the year model but I know it was in the 90's. He later traded it for a single slide American Eagle and then a triple slide American Eagle. He liked the Alpine but always wanted an American Eagle.

I agree with all your points on the 450. My friend that drove with us to get the bus has always been a Wanderlodge guy and actually now has a BMC for sale locally. He's owned several Wanderlodges and now runs a 99 Prevost. He loved the 450. IMHO it's the most undervalued bus on the market. He agreed. Said it was an outright bargain.

Congratulations on the bus. You're gonna like it. It will turn heads.

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