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bosshog 02-13-2018 08:01 PM

New chapter in our life
This past year has given us lots of changes, which have affected the use (as in non-use)of our XV, which are the reasons we are going to sell it, without a working generator.

June 2017 my Dad passed away after many issues the past few years. He was 87, and had a good life. One of the reasons we bought our Bird was to take him and Mom on some camping trips like we used to do when I was a kid. We accomplished that, and got to take them many places they wanted to see. They lived, and Mom is still there, on our place, so I still take care of most of the maintenance for their house .

My wife Mary was diagnosed several years ago with ESRD (kidney failure). We and her doctors have been watching her numbers get to the point where she needed to start dialysis. It is her personal choice to not get a transplant.

The Monday after Thanksgiving we started going to Little Rock for classes to learn how to perform hemodialysis at home, and also started her first treatment then. We went 5 days a week for treatment and training until January 9, when we did her first treatment at home.

Treatment is going very well, she is feeling better, more energy. I am the one that puts the needles in her fistula each time. Doing good with that but makes me very nervous each time that I will hurt her. Treatment takes from 3-4+ hours 4 nights per week. One variable is how much water we remove each treatment based on daily weight.

We do it after I get home from my second shift job, which is 13 days working, with every other Sunday off. We usually finish treatment up 2-3 AM. During classes I would work 4-6 hours after returning from Little Rock. I still end up working many 12 hour shifts (go in early) also.

I had planned on rebuilding the Perkins for the generator on our XV (before we put it back up for sale), as it is locked up due to bad head gasket I believe. I guess this is why the block/radiator were dry when we got it. I ran it once after filling system with A-freeze after we got it, but never drained it down again and never used it. I can see now that I am not going to have the time to rebuild it anytime soon.

We are going to put the 79 XV back up for sale, with price reduced, at this time, so it doesn't decline just sitting in the shed. Here is the link to our ad on WOG.https://www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.c...ad.php?t=29750

Harold,Cat&Sam 02-13-2018 09:01 PM

Hopefully someone who wants a nice coach will jump on this one .
I found reading your post to be quite humbling . You must be a caring and strong person who is a steady rock for your family , my hat is off to you .
Cat and I will have you and your family in our prayers .

bubblerboy64 02-14-2018 09:22 AM

Craig, sorry to learn of your difficulties. Impressed by your positive attitude about them and your willingness to do what is required. I don't believe we have met but I would be honored ...

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